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Monday, March 22, 2010


I just learned that "meme" is pronounced "meem," not "mehmay."  I'm disappointed, and clearly, not very bright.  Whatever.

Remember when I put on so much makeup I looked like a sexy clown (CLICK HERE) ?  Want to get in on the wacky fun? Just grab the photie and the text below, and tramp yerself up. Then, drop me a line or leave a comment letting me know you did, and your link, so I can see, okay?  Hooray!!!

Make yourself delicious!  

Karen is a blah, boringly natural housewife and mom most of the time.  But she made herself DELICIOUS.  

Here's what you do:  throw a shovel-full of makeup onto your grill.  Take as many before and after photos as you want of your transformation.  Post these insane photos for all the world to see, with the "karen-licious" banner.
Invite your friends to pass it on and be ridiculous too! 

Then go wash your face.  You're fine just the way you are.  But not today!  Today you are



Come on!  It's fun!  Look who became more DELICIOUS in a ridiculous Jerseylicious way for a day:

Sherilin @ Laughing My Abs Off

Elizabeth @ About Half A Bubble Off 

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