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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Thursday Rambling

I'm tired today. Hella Tired. Actually, as the week progresses, I become so tired that by the end of the week I no longer hear my beloved husband snoring at night. Snoring. That's a word that hardly suffices. I often wonder what a person with a fully efficiently functioning thyroid feels like on any given day, at any given time, because I have to say, I usually just feel like a worn-out dish rag. As I was putting on my makeup this morning, and feeling like death warmed-over, I kept getting this mental image of what I figure I REALLY look like: you like that? I drew the face on the pillow myself.

Anyway, before I forget, here are a couple of verbal gems the kids offered up today:
Jack, while I was helping him with his rainboots before school: "when I get bigger, I can use bad words." Gee, this is what he can hardly wait for?
Ella, while getting ready with me to go pick up Jack from school: "You're my best mummy, and daddy is my uncle." She said this full of love, and Jon replied; "yeah, that's great--NEVER say that in public." ** Note, Jon is not Ella's uncle.

So, as I was getting my daily dose of knowledge from the computer, I cam across an article titled "Why Naps Are a Smart Idea" (see link at the end of this article), and I thought HELLO, and took a little read. The article tells me that "napping can boost and restore brain power." Let me just cut and paste a nice little chunk:

"Sleep not only rights the wrong of prolonged wakefulness but, at a neurocognitive level, it moves you beyond where you were before you took a nap," Matthew Walker, an assistant professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and the lead investigator of the study, said in a news release.

And not surprisingly, those who suffered from sleep deprivation also showed a significant decrease in cognitive performance. In fact, researchers found that pulling an all-nighter -- a common practice for students during exam time -- decreases the ability to learn new facts by nearly 40 per cent, due to a shutdown of brain regions during sleep deprivation."

!!! Mon dieu! My poor brain! I haven't had a decent night's sleep since before I had my two children. From about 6 AM on, I start to have a near anxiety attack waiting for my daughter to stomp downstairs and begin her day, and my son to follow soon after. I also hear nearly everything at night now, thanks to my MOMMY EAR. You know what that is: it's the ear that is always awake to hear the children, no matter what else I am doing, day or night. That's the ear that let's you know your child has woken up and barfed all over themselves at some point during the night, or the ear that tells you your daughter is shouting for you from far away to come wipe her bum. Lousy MOMMY EAR.
As I was lying in bed last night, with a monster headache, awash in my own self-pity, I was having this really indulgent "remember when" session. It went something like this:

Remember when (before you had kids):

* you could sleep any damn time you wanted, and if you wanted to, you could sleep until NOON?
* if you got sick, you could lie in bed all day and nurture and love yourself back to good health
* you used to buy clothes specifically to go out, and you used to refer to them accordingly as "bar tops," ie; I need a cute "bar top" to go out in this Friday
* you used to go to bars and have enough energy to dance till closing time, and roll out of bed the next day and be able to put in an 8 hour shift at your job
* your feet used to be half to one full size smaller, and you never, ever looked to see if that cute style you just tried on came in "WIDE" widths
* you could say; "I'm going out for a bit," and if you didn't make it home in time to fix dinner, nobody gave a crap?
* the last cold you had was five years ago
* the last time you had the stomach flu you were in highschool
* nobody ever pee-peed the bed, so you just changed the sheets because it was time to
* you and your husband/significant other would go out and feel jealous if a member of the opposite sex looked at him?
* it wasn't the best thing in the whole world to eat a whole bag of Doritos while watching Dirty Dancing on tv
??? Remember all that? I could go on forever. I mean, come on--surely you remember this:

Okay, all of that is very nice, but if I never had my kids (one of whom just shrieked at me in rage when I told him I wasn't finished my blog yet, and he wants to go on YOUTUBE), there'd never be this:

or this:

The weekend's coming--we've almost made it. Happy Thursday

** Here is the link to the full article:


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