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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Typical Excursion With My 3 Year Old Daughter

So, I was going to a local cheapie store this morning with Ella to buy Jack more socks, because Jack apparently can't have ENOUGH socks ever, and I said, hey let's call Grampa. Dad came to McDonald's with us and we had egg mcmuffins (as a small aside, I have to say McDonalds makes the best mcmuffin, and their coffee was quite good, and the orange juice was delicious, so truly that might be one of the best breakfast spots--who knew) etc. Then Dad and I were having nice conversation while Ella headed into the playland from hell. Because she's Ella, she either got totally confused or legitimately stuck somewhere up in the pipery, and this skinny grandfather guy had to go up to rescue her. I tried to go through but apparently am too fat to fit through the padded rollers part. All the while Ella is sobbing away in despair. Finally the guy leads Ella to the slide, at which point I hear Ella happily shout; "WHEEEE!" and emerge at the bottom wanting to play some more, to which I say "hellz no."
Dad is now wiped out from the stress of the event and jokes to us; "next time you're going to McDonalds, don't bring me!"
And I concluded by saying; "yeah, welcome to my world."


  1. My dad was just over saying how you invited your dad out to breakfast...but he never mentioned anything about all the drama and stress that was involved ha, ha,. I would have loved to seen that!

  2. yeah, you also would have appreciated my daughter going over the incident again. She said; "the man who saved me was small and skinny, but you were TOO BIG." Yeah. awesome.


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