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Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I have learned lately

Hey! Who wants a list of random nothingness that rolls around my head just waiting for the day it can become a useless blog? Well, here goes...

Things I have learned lately:

1) Getting groceries at Walmart instead of Sobeys does not equal a pleasant change in scenery. They both suck. A lot.

2) Very few people at Walmart bring reusable bags with them

3) 7:30 in the morning feels a thousand times worse when I have to get up than when I don't

4) Baloney is absolutely delicious, and my mother had me believing otherwise for years

5) With my mother dies the secret of how to fold the fitted sheet.

6) The smell of a dirty litter box can pump right out through the vents when the heat comes on, much to my surprise and horror

7) It's not just my own kids that are irritating, it's most kids. Yeah, bitch, bitch. I haven't had a lot of sleep lately.

8) no matter how small the spider is, I'm just as terrified of it

9) Grief is like a suffocating blanket that you just can't throw off some days

10) having a 60 pound child stand on your armpit really, really hurts.

Oh godz I need sleep. Sleep, you say? Well thank you, don't mind if I do!


  1. I can't believe your mother knew how to fold a fitted sheet! Dam she was good! You know that is one of my homemaker pet the hell do you fold it? I am still trying at 43yrs of age to master it...maybe I need a life!

  2. Damn it Pam! If you can't fold the fitted sheet, and you love laundry, then there is simply no hope for the rest of us.
    I don't know how she did it. She tried to tell me once something about tucking all the corners into one...oh forget it. I really have no clue.

  3. The secret to folding those nasty sheets are as follows:

    First you get the offending sheet in hand.

    Second, you sort of fold it and crumple it into a folded ball that you can recognize as your sheet.

    See how easy that is, no fuss, no muss!

    I agree with you about all kids!

  4. Yeah I figured Diane folded hers that way...I've seen her linen closet!
    I do love laundry that's why I just have to learn how to fold it!! And did I tell you how happy I am to be the proud new owner of candy apple red front load washer and dryer!!! Yes I'm insane!


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