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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nevermind Being Stressed, Look at My Bathroom!

Okay, okay--that last blog was slightly scary and icky. Heavy on the ick, actually. I like to go for the light-hearted more than the hot-cold, I-feel-sick-worrying-about-cancer, type of approach, so let's all take a moment to have some deep breaths, and enjoy my scrumptious bathroom! Hooray! Incidentally, this is because I've been inspired by my cousin Pam's blog, "French Buttons," and all the other lovely decorating blogs I've been looking at lately, like "Cranberry Cottage," and "Razmataz." Let's face it--women like pretty things, and we like making our homes nice and cozy. Incidentally, these blogs make me want to immediately run around, tidy up my junk pile, and set out a vase of flowers instead of whine about how sick I am of hearing; "mom, I need a snack." So, I'm going to take a break from griping and moaning, and go for a little AESTHETICS! HOORAY!

Isn't it serene and fab? Okay, I wish I had before pictures of it. Picture this then: an off white, very shiny paint, some painted metal, cheap cabinetry, a floral border up at the top of the walls, and a admittedly charming toilet paper dolly, hiding an ancient roll of pink butt wipe with a crocheted dress. And then after that, a brick-pinkish brown room, and finally repainted a nice, creamy flat white with my plants on a slightly distressed shelf that was my grandmother's and some lovely old fashion-y cabinets. Love that room. Makes the rest of the house look messy though. Oh well! As soon as I find a USB cable in this embarrassing mess, I'll upload some pics of my garden. There, don't you all feel better?

Have a good weekend!


  1. OMG THIS IS YOUR BATHROOM? I am so impressed i thought this was from a magazine? Holy crap Karen i am speechless you rock!

  2. You have a lovley bethroom. I especially love your tub. Love your posts, I enjoy the pink nad fluffy stuff, but the real life stuff is great too.

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm actually kinda proud of myself too. Now if only the rest of the house could be so serene...

  4. . Your bathroom wowowwwooowowow. and if you are Pam's cousin something tells me your junk pile is tiny and orderly!

    I love your tub and the tiles!

  5. It makes me think of The Wonder Stuff's song, "30 Years in the Bathroom". I think I'll move in... :) Despite the light content this time, I'll be praying for you guys.

  6. my junk pile is neither tidy, nor orderly. I'm also a fan of tossing stuff under the bed and in cupboards when people are imminently arriving.


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