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Friday, July 23, 2010



the first time you were stung by a wasp, a bee, a hornet

the scorch of the black driveway in summer under small, dirty, bare feet

the itch and bite of your first bra

awful birthday cakes at parties for school mates

a rainbow after a storm, lit brilliantly by the sun, on a black, ominous sky

the feel of your body before it ever carried a person

the comforting feeling of carrying a new person

how scared you were at the top of the roller coaster

that second before you plunge downward

the first time you slow-danced with someone and didn't wait for the song to hurry up and end

aimless teenager days of being with friends, with nowhere to go

the feel of searching through warm, soft dirt and finding the potatoes you've grown--lots of them

that cup of coffee by yourself

making rose petal perfume in a little plastic bucket

mud pies baking in the sun

hide & seek as dusk turned to dark, and fun became creepy as you waited and waited for someone to find you

you, after a bath, in clean pyjamas, in clean sheets, with a clean comforter and a book

the first book that lit your imagination on fire

really, really good spaghetti and meatballs

that person in your life who can always crack you up

the mysterious smell of puppies

the first good apple of the fall

that who you are isn't so bad after all.


  1. That was great Karen!
    Summer always brings back all those memories to me!!

  2. i like the hide and seek one...we also played kick the can until dark..

  3. I have a book called, 10,000 Things To Be Happy About. I think I may just pick it up again. BTW, the deep pink sunset shining on the grey clouds was just what I needed tonight. Finally, I think I was in some of those games of hide and seek. :)

  4. hide and seek at dusk was always a little strange and unsettling--especially if you played over a large area and the person counting was very far away.
    But still--remember playing outside ALL DAY as a kid???

  5. Oh, yeah. Parents would be charged and the kids taken away by FACS nowadays if that happened. Sadly no hours of hide & seek in the tall grass memories for my boy's future...

  6. yes, the internet has made us all paranoid about the great BAD MEN my dad always warned me about. Pity, because that little bit of freedom was wonderful.


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