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Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Ah, who likes the Go-go's?

Anyhoo, I am surrounded by piles and piles of stuff. The house is a disastrous mess as well, as I have left the little people to do as they will. Why? We're going on vacation tomorrow for a week in a trailer at a touristy funland by the lake! Hooray! Hooray!

Who the hell am I kidding? There is NO HOORAY in me right now. I'm freaking tired! I have to wash and fold about three more loads of laundry. Then I have to pack clothes for me and for each of the kids. I have an organized bag of bed linens in the tv room, a bag of bath and beach towels, a MEDICINE bag filled with stomach soothers, analgesics, bandaids, sunscreen, bug spray etc, a bag of extra shoes and jackets, a bag of (earth friendly! Yay, me) cleaning supplies. There is a laundry basket on the floor that I have begun to fill with grocery essentials, and all the while my brain is saying stuff like; "toilet paper, paper towels, portable cd player, beach toys down the basement...blah, blah, blah, blah..."

We still have to buy all the groceries, and the pop and the juice, and the frozen burgers, and the buns (note to self; write "buns" down on the grocery list). Must not forget the weiners for the campfire, nor the marshmallows, even though toasted marshmallows are SICKENING AFTER APPROXIMATELY TWO. Oh merciful heavens! I can't forget the vodka!!! Better throw in sweet lady whisky too.

Lists! Lists! LISTS!!!! Argh! So, I'm racing around doing all this and hoping soon THE MAN will clean the squiggly bug out of the cooler. Yeah, that will be great. And as I'm running around like a grouchy mom idiot, the kids, as I mentioned, are busy quietly trashing the house. Here's my favourite part: my daughter decided to wreck one of my thin sterling silver hoop earrings, which I've had since I was 15. Yes, they are perhaps my favourite pair of earrings, and since I'm not much of a jewellery gal, and have very few things I actually really like, I did indeed turn into THE HULK when I saw the poor, broken thing.

Must stop thinking about it. Blood pressure rising again...

So dig this: the main bed in the trailer is a king-sized bed. Well I don't have king-sized sheets, so off I went to a local Ikea rip-off store where I was THRILLED to discover a set of king sized sheets--both fitted and flat, with two pillow cases for 15 bucks! WOO HOO! "Bedding is final sale," the cashier informed me. Yeah, yeah, whatever. No problem. Then I got them home, and read the label. Why is it that reading doesn't ever happen in the freaking store? They're 100 percent polyester! YUCK! Polyester?!? I didn't even know they made sheets out of polyester! How sweaty and gross would that be to sleep on? Not to mention that when I took them out of the package, they look like shiney grey disco sex sheets. Oh, ick. So, when the MAN headed off to the great Wal of Evil, I asked him to get a fitted sheet that contains FREAKING COTTON. I told him; "these sheets are gross, and will eventually become your hallowe'en costume."

Waaaa--my back is sore.

You know why vacations are so great? Because the packing SUCKS SO HARD!

See y'all next week!


  1. Hillarious you are!!!
    You will have so much fun at Sherston and i'm jealous. I miss THe beach on lake Erie. Used to take Sam almost everyday since we lived 5min by car. The beaches here have no sand just rocks. Yuk.
    Have a great time!

  2. Pamela, rocks suck....the only beach I know of is Long Beach and parksville that have sand.

    Packing is a nightmare. I think you are right, maybe that is why camping is so fun, that is until you come home and have to unpack and clean...sand in everything!

  3. yeah, sand in everything is what I'll have too! It's kind of funny that I'm busy WASHING everything when it's going to soon turn disgusting. Oh well, it'll be fun. We've been before so we know what to expect at least.

  4. So let me get this right: all 'the man' had to do was kill a bug and go to Walmart? Then, what...he waits behind the wheel while you 'lock and load' the kids and gear? Hopefully there's more to his part of the story... Have a restful trip, more than our family horror camp!

  5. why are you not back yet ? i really miss your blog, it makes my day! i found some laughs somewhere else though, take a look at awkward family ,oh my sooo funny!

  6. I'm bAAAAAaaaack! Whining blog to follow...stay tuned...


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