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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home Is Where the GIGANTIC MESS Is

What if you had two adorable yet UTTERLY DESTRUCTIVE, CHAOS LOVING children, and you had wicked bad PMS, and while you were DOWN FOR THE COUNT, the little dickens did THIS to your home:

Hey--wasn't this my dining room table...

argh! My lovely buffet cabinet!
ah-ha! The CULPRITS at work!
Even my own bedroom gets trashed...
WAIT!!! What's this?!? Could it be--the ONLY TIDY SPOT IN THE WHOLE HOUSE?!?!?
And that, my friends, is why I go outside, where I can see things like this:

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming....


  1. That all looks familiar. I used to roll over in bed and land on plastic dinosaurs. I just keep reminding myself that I will miss it in 15 years.

    And that I have free lawn mowing for the next 12 years.

  2. Why were you in my bushes taking pictures through the windows. Ha, my house can look like that on any given day. Let me throw you a life praserver (wrong sp, too lazy to look up.) I am going to get a beer in a few minutes, cheers to ya. My kids have been at vacation bible school all night with grandma. I am so not looking forward to Saturday when it all ends. Have a good weekend. Oh, I liked the name of the new cook book. I liked the recipe too, I have one like it. Here is an easy one, my kids love when I heat up any kind of soup and pour it over mashed potatoes. You are a good mom, my son would not even get the pb&j, dad says you eat what we do or don't eat.

  3. acually its not that bad,tonight we had friends over for supper,and the kids trashed the basement. when it was time for them to"clean up" [I use this term VERY loosely] my friend kristel told me"paula, if you don't want to sprout another head DO NOT go down there". after they left i had to check out the situation, play doh and taco meat ground into the carpet pretty much sums it up. no one should have to grumble and vacuum at 9:30 p.m. thats just wrong. i'm sure i will laugh about it tomorrow. oh yeah, i had a very nice,relaxing and expensive day at the spa today...bye bye relaxation...and cash. it was great while it lasted...sigh

  4. Ha Ha Ha!! But Karen i would trade homes in a minute to have lots of little toddler things around!! I miss it so much!!
    Don't swim just float! As Sam says it you won't get tired as fast!!

  5. Okay everyone: I am quite certain I won't mind having a fairly tidy house one day--IN ALL ROOMS. I'm the jerk who hates toys.

  6. Alaina, my son has some behavioural issues, and is SUPER sensitive to texture and smell, so I honestly believe that he would starve himeself to death if I presented what we eat. I know, I know--everyone's thinking; 'oh silly karen--of COURSE he wouldn't." He's fairly brutal.
    I wonder if Ella would like that mashed potato idea though...
    I like to make mashed potatoes by having, say, three white potatoes, one sweet potato, and cooking them in chicken broth. That's pretty tasty. Requires very little butter as well.

  7. Paula, I feel exhausted and discouraged in sympathy for you when I think of taco meat and playdoh ground into the carpet.

  8. start writing lady... i need my fix! lol . a day without angst is like a day without chocolate, almost get writin'

  9. lol, Paula! Lol. What a stupid word, but sometimes there's just no substitute. Okay, okay. I'll get writing...


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