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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Final Word on The Quest For The Dress

Okay, I'm sick of this whole dress business.

I hit the mall yesterday and shopped and shopped. I tried on lots of different stuff, and while I never found a dress I actually liked, I did make a miraculous discovery yesterday: I fit into size 16 dresses--and not just once either. It wasn't a fluke! Could it be my morning yoga session is paying off? Could it? COULD IT???

Finally, in a funky new store (well, new to me--I hadn't been in Ricki's before, I don't think), I found some clothes that were funky not frumpy, and a skirt that fit. I thought it was super cute--black with a bit of fun detail in the front, no big deal. And the best part? When the girl rang it in, it was $16.99 (plus tax, of course--this isn't Fantasy Island). Woo hoo! What a pleasant surprise! I thought it was on sale for $29.99. So, even better. Thus, I floated home in my car on a nice shopping high, feeling oh-so-smart, and kinda sexay.

Well, ppppffft to that. I tried on MANY DIFFERENT TOPS today here at home. The top I intended to wear? Oh, that slinky, sexy, pale purple thing? Yeah, it only looks good FROM THE FRONT, and looks like "first trimester" from the side. My body that is, not the shirt. So, I will spare you the details of the fit I had, and most of the ranting. My body, post babies, is a TRAIN WRECK, and seriously--if ONE person were to come up to me at this wedding and happily ask if I am expecting, I would have to lop their head off. For realz.

And so...


Sigh. I'm going to wear last year's dress. Yeah, I shouldn't pout--it's incredibly sickening to pout over having to wear a dress I've only otherwise worn once. Oh well. If I ever find a geniously concealing dressy top, I'll enjoy wearing my $17 skirt another time I s'pose.

So, tonight, as I and the fam were heading out to go buy school supplies, I was still super bitter. Upon realizing I'd forgotten to put my lipstick on (lousy 1980's), I said to The Man; "oh gee, I'd better put my lipstick on, so the other shoppers can say; "look at that PREGNANT WOMAN, isn't she attractive?"

The Man replied: "maybe you should just carry a beer bottle around at all times." (get it? so it looks like I have a BEER gut instead?)

Isn't he precious.

I'm going to pop an antacid and go to bed.

image reference: " Regular Strength Tums" from


  1. Ricki's is Diane's favourite store!

  2. glad you found SOMETHING maybe rickis has cheap styling shirts too. anyhooo gabriel[my 7 year old says that tums and vinegar make an excellent bubble explosion!!he really loves 'science' .

  3. I'M having trouble typing tonight, can you tell? maybe its the drugs for this horrid ear infection.

  4. I recommend you post an entry about how much you and 'the man' love each other, just so you can reduce my worry factor for you two, kay?

    I've never heard of Ricki's, but don't they sell tops? Am I being too obvious?

  5. Matt, I'm chuckling here because you sound just like my sister. If I post a blog about how much I love the man, I'll kill my mystique. Har har, I jest. He cracks me up every day.

    Yes, Ricki's had shirts, but nothing that would quite cut it.

  6. Paula, I sympathise with your germs. I pretty much get nearly ever cold my kids get and I used to brag all the time that I hadn't been sick in years and years. Yeah.

    That's cool about the Tums, and cool about Gabe. I'll have to try that. He's a neat kid. You'll have to bring him to our backyard funland before the blow up pool closes for the season. Jack asks about him all the time.


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