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Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary!

running off without my bouquet even...


  1. I read your self description of being malcontent.

    How do you stay being married? You must be happy with hubby?

  2. time sure flies! you looked beautiful and happy!God bless you with many more. We will be praying for your family as John goes through his treatments, if you need help with the kiddies,or anything else let us know, I'm usually around..REALLY Gabe would like the company and Ella could entertain Kieran.

  3. Well Cranberry, it's a valid question. He's the only man I still find attractive, and he cracks me up nearly every day. Oh, and he puts up with my jekyl and hyde-ness! Hoo, that says a lot! We met in school when we were 20.

  4. Paula, time sure does fly! It doesn't feel like that wedding was 8 years ago. It was fun too! Thanks for your kind thoughts for Jon. He's a nut though, and I think he likes the challenge of his salt-free diet. I've had enough stress this year though, that's for sure!

  5. Hey, appy anniversary! Ditto what Paula said.


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