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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts and Small Revelations This Week

* I now use scissors to cut the crusts off bread when making the much hated peanut butter and jam sandwich. The scissors pinch the crusts off, creating nice, "clean" edges on the sandwich. Sawing the crusts off with a knife tends to make the edges, well, crummier. And if edge crumbs get into the peanut butter, a very, very fussy little boy will rip off sections of bread, and question why his peanut butter "has bread in it." It is futile to point out (as I have done time and time again) that the sandwich consists of bread, jam and peanut butter, so it's hard to keep the bread separate from the peanut butter. If you are aware of how pathetic this whole situation is, then kudos to you. It's also easier to saw crusts off bread when the bread has been frozen. However, sometimes the freezer does funny things to bread, and by the time it thaws, one could find they have freezer burnt, or scratchy bread to deal with.

* I also use scissors to choppity chop spaghetti for kids. I do NOT have the patience to try to wield a fork and knife in one of those smaller kid-size bowls.

* Salt free food is disgusting. Sorry, but it is. Low salt food is okay (I suppose) but meat cooked without salt is repellent. I'm guessing the same goes for rice, and I know first hand that potatoes without salt suck. I give PROPS to anyone who finds the taste of salt free food to be "just fine."

* chicken, roasted with no salt, but LOADS of garlic as a flavour enhancer, is shudderingly gross in retrospect.

* eating one whole clove of roasted garlic is pretty tasty at the time, but gives some dandy all-night heart burnt as a little after-present.

* I still hate it when my daughter gets up at 6:15, but I REALLY hate it as we approach fall and it's still wicked dark outside.

* pursuing a cause can be both inspiring and anxiety-inducing

* hardwood floors means having BITS stuck to the bottom of your feet at all times, no matter how much you sweep or vacuum. "Vacuum" is a really stupidly spelled word.

* Florence & The Machine was a really good musical find, and the first song on their cd; "The Dog Days Are Over" made me cry, because really, I hope they are.
* this 'grief journal' business I'm engaging in makes me feel more sad when I utilize it. Is this good or bad?

* I check my Facebook page way more often than I'd like to. Lousy addictive Facebook.

* my ankle is still fat and hideous

* Swimming on a Monday night with The Man was utterly relaxing.

* That "Mr. Rochester" in Jane Eyre is still just as swoon-worthy

* raging flower addictions can still find succor at this time of year: soon I'm off to hunt for spring bulbs! Hooray! However, having a discussion based on bulbs, tubers and corms just seems to lose all meaning after while.

* a good afternoon nap is nearly always better than a good night's sleep

* I saw 3 small ants in the pantry this morning. The b*$t*rds! Does it never end?!? Oh, and I still haven't taken the barricade off the cold air return vent in our bed room. Yeah, when given the choice to check and see if anything as horrific as flying ants will either pour out or not pour out of my vent since the exterminator man came, I choose to NOT find out how good a job he did.
* If I don't hurry up and hem those 5 pairs of the kids' pants, I'll be screwed if cold weather descends and stays for good.

* sometimes I feel quite certain that if I have to do dishes just one more time I actually will vomit.

* my sister thinks she's heard somewhere that aspirin takes the yellow pit stains out of white shirts. She thinks it's aspirin at least, so I'd better google it and find out.

* it's truly amazing how an ugly, nearly dried out, neglected pathetic little perennial can spring back into a respectably attractive plant in mere weeks, and even begin to bloom. There is always potential!

* if I could be anywhere right now, it wouldn't be Italy, France or even the Riviera Maya--it would be my own bed. Aaah...dreams CAN come true

* if you go to you can type in your address and see your own home, which is weird, because you never noticed some dude driving down the street with a camera in his/her car taking pictures of all the streets in your city. It's interesting, but sad, because there are certain clues that tell me the picture of my house was taken around the time my grandmother died, and the picture of my parents' house was taken when my Mom was still alive.

* according to my Dad, you can't just toss some apple seeds in dirt and grow a decent apple. Most apple trees are hybrids (two varieties of trees grafted together), otherwise the apple you've grown from seeds, would be unappealing and fairly inedible.

* blogging random garbage is, apparently, a great way to avoid housework.


  1. I saw my house on

    If i could be anywhere right now it would be in my own home not a rental no matter how beautiful it is

    -I always have dishes it is a losing battle
    -I love Mr. Rochester
    -If i see one more earwig i will puke just found one on my ginger
    -I cannot imagine no salt actually for me i cannot imagine no sugar
    -I hate facebook (which i go on daily) it drives me nuts seeing everyones perfect lives
    - I hate my hubby getting up at 4am to work ..I never get back to sleep
    Reading random blog garbage is a great way to avoid my life!
    As always great post Karen

  2. very enjoyable, Pam! Waaaait a you have vines growing on your house? Now I have to check your photos again. I always think of my Mother in law saying that sure, vines look lovely, but if you have them on your house you have EARWIGS. She had them on her house growing up, and yup, there were earwigs.
    Re; facebook: I tend to think that the people who always, always talk about how wonderful everything is, are covering something up. Cynical? Perhaps...

  3. Vines...pricker bushes...trees its basically a rain forest here! This being an old home with lots of hole, nooks and crevices we get it all,mice included! I hate the dam earwigs found one on a clean dish cloth gross!
    Yes i agree about the people on FB somedays i contemplate quitting but then i like keeping in touch with some people.

  4. i am only addicted to your blog, maybe because i still can't really figure out facebook. i agree, people who say their lives are sooo awsome, are probably the saddest of all. i also don't get twitter, do we really need to know that right now i'm picking my nose!? If you want another truly swoon worthy character, you have to read about jamie fraser in diana gabaldon's book 'outlander'...sigh.

  5. That's funny, re; Twitter, Paula. I refuse to join Twitter. It's like Facebook status updates, but worse. Do I need to "tweet" my thoughts constantly? Do I care that Demi Moore just posted a pic of her @$$? Do I need to hear what's on Kim Kardashian's mind? Good lord, no.

  6. oh yes Pam, talk to me about old houses made with nice, chewy organic materials, with lots of nooks and crannies. I think the houses we're in are around the same age? This one was built around 1928.


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