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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time For Some Art

Okay, who has been stressed lately? Raise your hand! Oops, couldn't type for a moment there with my hand up in the air.

Before I subject your good selves to more of my special kind of ... complaining...please take a look at this blog I stumbled across recently. I love hitting the "next blog" button on the top of the blog page here. You never know where you're going to end up. Why, the other day I cycled through a whole series of online rollplaying gamers' blogs. Hoo, that was surreal, but I shan't go into that.

I'm always pleased when an artist's blog comes up in the shuffle, and when I saw this blog, and this woman's art, my jaw dropped. There is something about her work that fills me with these intense feelings of awe and longing--though longing for what, I'm not sure. I should get back into painting. It may not grab you the same way, but damn, her page is soothing.



  1. thanks Clarissa, I was just looking at it again myself.

  2. Karen to be honest it is not my kind of art. It kinda made me feel gross.
    The only one that I thought was good was the one entitled "loneliness"
    I was enrolled in oil painting as a kid, and to me in my expertise (LOL really loud)
    does not take that great of skill. Adding thick layers of paint not even with the brush but the trowel...I dunno. I like the one I pointed out because to get that image to me, takes some skill.

    I am not an expert, nor do I deny the fact that it speaks to you. That is the beauty of artistry as it invokes feelings out of each of us that are different.

    Personally, I have seen a bit of art around, and artistis charging huge amounts of money for nothing more than moving paint around with a trowel on some canvass. The thicker the easier.

    One time I was in a coffee shop that displayed some art that was part photo/painted and you could not even tell where the photographic image came and went because it was so easily meshed with the artists true talent to paint. It was the most amazing thing because from a distance you would think it was photography and when upon close inspection you realized it was paint too. The most amazing thing was he just did not paint OVER the photography.It was painted. I have no idea how he only put part of the image photography on there.

    To me that is artistry. I guess because it takes true talent and work. It did not seem to me that that artist had to work to hard.

    sorry to rant on your page, but, it was not intended to knock your opinion. Can you take it? i think you can. LOL

  3. Oh I looked at it again, and the one entitled "Deep" oh it makes me just want to barf. It invokes a hostility in me. It kinda looks like worms or vomit.

    Ummm I also looked at her PHD in Science in Art. What do I know?\

    Maybe art is good when it invokes such feelings. LOL really loud now.

  4. Gorgerous ! I love this type of really evokes alot of feeling. Love all the colours too.
    I can picture this type of art in an all white room.

  5. Pamela

    We obviously don't have the same taste in art. LOL.

    Art is so individual.

  6. Ladies! I love it! It's great when art evokes really strong feelings--be it good or bad. Either way, it makes for discussion. I don't know--I've always like impressionism, and I like the way her art looks to me like taking a picture but looking at it through a wall of paint. I kinda dug the thickness aspect of the paint as well, because I was always so cheap with the paint when I used it, and to me it's not just a flat painting, it's something of a 3d object as well. I really like the roof tops one for some reason, because it's a glance that is convoluted, yet I feel like I can picture it.
    Art is very individualistic--you're right! This makes it interesting though. Cranberry, you should give us a link to some art that you really dig. I can then compare the two, and see through your eyes, kinda, sorta.

  7. I did smile over the DEPTH of your feeling for it! I probably feel the same way about Tricia Romance's stuff! Her work makes me want to yak.

    Still, it's interesting right? Talent or

  8. I like a wide range of art. I don't stick to one style. I was at an art show last summer and the art i fell for was oil paintings of Paris scenes! Loved it and there was alot of soft colours like pink! Cranberry Melissa you'd love it.
    I also like the old artist Arthur J. Elsley who painted children with pets. YOu have seen my gorgerous one in the dining room Melissa with the girl and collie? And Karen this was in our home when i was younger. I love his stuff it is really famous. I also love old oil paintings of roses..i have one that i posted on my blog.
    Oh Karen i just had a lightbulb moment...I will blog about the art i love that is in my home!! Thanks for that!

  9. i agree with the worm comment,but i like the rest. the prayer is my favorite, there seems to be deep love and awe on mary's face.

  10. I suppose I am a realist. I like things that look real.

    I don't even like cartoons.

  11. great Pam--looking forward to it. I love pictures of flowers. I loved flowers. Flowers, flowers, flowers. And now I'll stop.

    Cranberry, I don't like cartoons either. Perhaps this is because THE MAN still enjoys them on the weekends, and I just want to watch gardening programs on PBS.

  12. Paula, I'm obsessed with the whole idea of and mystique surrounding the Virgin Mary. I love paintings of her, and little ornaments that I've just happened to have found over the years.

  13. I flew through the portfolio on line. Loneliness IV was the only one that gave me pause. The rest did absolutely nothing for me - no emotion or contemplation. Nothing. Could be my mood though.

  14. ah, but that's interesting right? When I stumbled across her work, I just loved it, and you would have passed on by. Fascinating!

  15. I loved it too Karen. Especially when the music kicked in.

    I have to say.... Art is a funny thing. No matter what kind of art it is, there are always people who love it and people who hate it. And there are always people who say that doing that kind of art is difficult and takes great talent... and then flip a coin and there is another person saying it's easy and takes no talent. So, who's to say.

    In my opinion... it's not whether it's hard to accomplish or not... Does the painter find it HARD to produce his/her art work??? Or does it just flow with ease from his/her fingers and brushes?? A true artist is good because she/he creates beautiful art with an ease and a strong emotion... Well, in my opinion.

    Years ago I wanted to be a painter. I had it in my mind that I could just get crazy with the paints... and I could be messy... and I could create art (like on the link Karen had)... THAT is what I wanted to produce.. and yet, I could not! I was too controlled. Too concerned with my lines and amount of paint and the mess... I couldn't set myself free to just create. So... easy? Well, not for me! ha!

    Like music, just depends on what the person likes. Some like hip hop.. others hate it. Right? But I really liked it. MY dislikes happen to be art that looks too much like the real thing. I see the real thing every day of my life. SNORE. Like Dentist office paintings.... a man and boy fishing at the lake by a sunset. DOUBLE SNORE. So see? Different strokes for different folks!

    There... that's the most I've typed as a comment Karen. Put THAT in your pipe. :)

  16. It's in my pipe, and I'm smoking it! God, that was retarded. I need sleep.
    Anyhow, yes, it was that total abandon and decadent abundance of paint that got me, because I've always been so conservative in everything, and I too wanted to just go crazy, but, well, am too conservative.

    It reminds me of grade 11 art. I drew everything fairly small. So, I did a sketch for flowers, and it was small--about your standard piece of 8x12 paper-sized. So then my teacher said; 'okay, that's great, now how about we make it HUGE, and turned it into that large painting I have yet to find a frame for, har har.
    Okay, so I'm all for wild, thick paint, but then why didn't I like that all white, abstract art piece that looked like the top layer of a thick, frosted cake?'s all in the gut I guess.

  17. Come to think of it, that frosted cake sounds mighty good...

  18. Excellent work, thanks for the link!

  19. Well, thank YOU for stopping by, Toemailer!


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