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Friday, September 3, 2010

What Can You (and I) Do Today?

If you could pick just one, could you:

* Eat some carrots (beta carotene, yo!)

* take most of your chemical cleaning products/air fresheners and aerosol sprays and put them in a bin to go to your local hazardous waste recycler

*buy an earth-friendly alternative

* ask your grocery store manager why there is no LOCAL produce when you KNOW it's in season

* skip the wrinkle cream for a night, because you're fine, just fine.

* hug your child(ren) because you remember how YOU felt at back-to-school time

* cut yourself some slack

* throw a frozen lasagna in the oven for dinner, and serve it with a pre-washed bag salad

* have a meatless meal

* spend some quiet time at the library

* buy one frivolous item, like an expensive bar of really good soap

* step outside and appreciate the weather, no matter what it is

* hang your clothes or towels outside to dry

* think of one time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt

* dress for total comfort if only just today

* drink more water

* meditate for 10 minutes - breathe in, breathe out

* have a really good stretch

* find one good charity that touches your heart and give something, even if small

* let that guy in who's trying to get over from the other lane

* wear your fancy underpants

* paint your toenails a wicked colour

* give up fabric softener - oh wait, you already have :)

* never, ever eat/drink anything with artificial sweetener again (unless you have NO choice)

* find a photo of yourself where-damn-you look great.

* remember the worst day ends and you're still here.


  1. Great post!! Super Walmart only sells B.C. produce and ALberta beef Yeah Walmat!! They are great here they really push Vancouver Island produce and so does Great Canadian Super store . We also have two fantastic out door year round markets that i am heading to right now who sells B.C. produce! It really is loyal here ...the one thing i really love about this place.
    I buy my eggs every week from the egg farmer around the corner.

    Yes talk to me about luxury soap ...I LOVE IT aND I only ever buy french milled. Sam loves it. No more crappy soap in the shower or powder room! Yes this is my luxury i will never part with!! lol !

    I'm the girl who always lets the guy in the other lane in!
    Still waiting for my clothesline but a least i have an oldfashioned rack in the laundry room!

  2. Pam, I have to say that thanks to you, I now love luxury soap as well. I hadn't been a soap person for years--liked bath wash instead. That's great about the local produce in BC. I can NO fathom why here with all the farms around there is no local produce. A blog is coming about this...

  3. Karen that was my beef when i lived back home. No produce stands or local produce in the grocery stores! I thought i was the only one who used to freak about this.

    I'm still waiting for that big belly ache laugh! I need one!

  4. When I read this post, I looked down at one of my dogs lying next to me. I spent the next few minutes loving her and re-noticing all the little things that I love about her, the things that make me laugh and happy. Sometimes I forget the little things when she's acting like one of my kids. ;)

  5. have you had an afternoon nap while wearing a 'snuggie'? pure bliss!

  6. Paula, my eyes almost rolled back in my head just thinking about it....aaaaaaaah...that does sound good.

    Lisa, it's true--we get so wrapped up in the crap we have to do, that we forget to add in anything important, like noticing the beauty in our own little world, and caring about something in the world around us. And now, BACK TO WORK!

  7. Just getting caught up, and I smiled most at the stomach-ache laughter item. I used to do that a lot and I've lost that in the last few years a bit. Definately a priority of mine these days. It's also been very important for me to walk my boy to school while he still lets me! :) I get to hug him, pray with him and send him off as prepared and courageous as I can.

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  9. Aw, Gabe is like a mini-you. I got this warm fuzzy feeling when I met him, because, well, he reminded me of my childhood buddy :) Yeah, the good laughs seem to be few and far between. They shouldn't be though, eh?. If you haven't had one in a while, take a look at this highly irreverent and cringeingly titled funny from "the Lonely Island" :

  10. that was a laugh or two, all right! Had to watch it three times to laugh at the facial expressions...thanks for sharing! Did you notice Justin Timberlake as the janitor and DJ?

  11. I never noticed it was JT, but Becky pointed that out to me. Oh my how I laughed the first time I saw that. Figured you'd get a kick out of it too!


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