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Thursday, October 7, 2010

And Finally...

And so I followed my gut and ended up at the walkin clinic with both kids.  The verdict?  TONSILLITIS.  I picked up my Amoxicillan and headed off happily.  The funny thing was though, when I called The Man and told him, he sounded all grave.  I asked him if he was all worried about tonsillitis.  He assumed tonsillitus meant you had to get your tonsils out.  NO, no, nooo, silly, I told him, it means she has a throat infection.  Am I pathetic because this makes me happy? Why does this make me happy, you may ask? Well, because it means that what was wrong with her was VISIBLE, and now she has a nice prescription and she'll feel better.  I HATE taking the kids to the doctor's and the doctor says; "well, I looked at his/her throat, and I can't see anything.  Call in a few days if he/she doesn't feel better."  That may be one of the more disheartening things. 
    I felt like an idiot in the waiting room though, as Ella was DANCING to the music playing nearly the whole time.  Then she and Jack were hugging each other, which turned into fighting, then they would hug each other again, and Ella would lick Jack's face.  As Ella was dancing, I felt like sheepishly saying to the other people in there with us; "um, she really is quite sick." 
   Tired karen left with two happy children and celebrated with McSalt&Fat for dinner.  Hooray!

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  1. No comments!?! Gabe had throat infections and ear infections (they are interrelated) so many times in a single year that we had tubes put in his ears, which pretty much fixed the problem. Left the tonsils and adnoids in though - we didn't want to take something out unnecessarily.

    I understand completely the feeling of parental vindication - the gut proven right and true! I hate it when doctors are patronizing like I've never had a kid with a cold before. Plus they get paid just the same no matter what their attitude. Still, happy that I don't have to pull out my credit card for the visit. Tradeoffs.

  2. tradeoffs indeed! Poor Gabe. Jack had so many throat and ear infections (more throat I think), that I became familiar with all the different antibiotics. My FAVOURITE was the time we had been at the hospital in Miss. Jack had a 104 degree fever that didn't budge with tylenol. Finally we got to see the doc; who saw the throat infection, and wrote us up a prescrip. We JUST made it to Shoppers before they closed, and the idiot doctor had written us a prescrip for a medicine that is no longer carried by the vast majority of pharmacies. A second pharmacist was boggled as to why he used this outmoded antibiotic. So, we had to wait till morning and I went straight to my own doctor to beg for a prescription we could use. Brutal.

  3. Nothing is worse than having a kids with strep throat. My 2yr old had it once. Weeks before the diagnosis he was always so tired, to play, go on walks etc. I remember one walk in particular where he just sat on his little haunches and refused to move.

    I just thought he was being stubborn or whatever.

    Ya, after he was diagnosed with strep the doctor did blood work...guess what it turns out he had MONO!!! Strep is of the same viral family...

    I thought back to weeks before and I felt/still feel like such a shmuck. He is 18 yrs old now and the guilt of not knowing what the signs meant nearly kill me...

  4. You know Melissa, my sister was just talking about this the other day; how the little people can be super sick but we just think they're being IMPOSSIBLE and freak out on them, then find out that they're SUPER SICK and let the guilt wash over us. Yeah, been there. In fact, I think I'll blog about it.


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