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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Calgon, take me away! 
Ha ha ha...that has to be one of the most overused "I can't take it anymore" catch phrases.  I was thinking about it today when I had to get up this morning, and I could hardly force my thousand pound self out of bed.  Well, I imagined I felt that heavy anyway, because it's Thursday and me so cranky, and the tv room is disastrous, and there are, once again, piles of clothes that need to be put away, and the dishes have been waiting for me since lunch time, and if I have to make just ONE MORE PEANUT BUTTER AND JAM SANDWICH...but I HAVE to make it, because Jack hates the way THE MAN makes it, because The Man refuses to get ON BOARD and cut the crusts off with the scissors, but instead, sawed them off with a knife last time, which gave the bread a very "bitty" rough-hewn edge, and that is completely unacceptable in Jack's world, and I'm oh so sleepy.  Well, I ain't making dinner.  That's for sure. 
And you know what else I've been thinking about...nay, can't stop thinking about?  The Man told me that he should be getting a raise soon.  Hey, that's great, I said.  He does a really good job, and he's very dilligent. Yeah.  And he gets to sit down all day.  Mm hmm.  And I don't.  Yup.  And I have piles and piles and piles of work to do.  And he "punches the clock" by 5 every day, and I don't punch the clock till 9. 

WHERE IS MY FREAKING RAISE?!?  Lousy job with no real pay cheque. 

Time to LOSE OURSELVES IN LUXURY, girls and boys.  When is the magic bath tub going to show up at my door?  Maybe around the same time the magic cocktail cart makes an appearance.


  1. Even though I do still do most of the house work on my days off. I love going to work, they appreciate me and PAY me. I must say for my self esteem I think going back to work is the best thing I could have done. Now about those pb&js, I have to go with the NOT cutting them off. Children do learn that everything is not always the way they want and that is all I will say about it because I am not Jack's mother and I am sure you have enough people in your life telling you what to do and not do. Have the Mr. make dinner, take a short nap and carry on with the day. I myself have been up since 5:30 and I have to go make dinner and make sure my son does his homework. Hope your day ends well.

  2. Ah, so much wisdom. OH, I am totally with you on not cutting the crusts off. I don't do it for my daughter (poor Ella), but thanks to Jack's issues, he would probably literally start crying and be in total despair if I didn't cut the off. What's more, he wouldn't eat it. Period. Then I'd have to deal with him being a total pain in the A for the next several hours. No wait, that's probably not true...he'd rip them off himself and waste so much bread it would send me into a flying fit.
    Good point about going back to work and being paid! WHERE'S MY RAISE??? Waaaaaa!
    (p.s. I blame both Jack's grandmothers for the crust thing. He used to eat crusts, but they both felt sandwiches were better without crusts, and so he learned to hate them too)

  3. There have been days when I've left work and told someone I'm going to my second job (home.). And frankly job #2 is way harder than my paid job.

    Can you work with Jack so that he can make his own sandwiches just the way he wants them? Yes it takes lots of time and wasted bread, but the end result is awesome.

    As a single parent I've had to stop doing many things the way I like them, and change things around so that I'm not insane. I don't think it's hurt the boys to be more self sufficient than I was at their age.

  4. That's a good idea Lisa. Jack's pretty resistant to even trying some things, but he does like to be self-sufficient. There are some days he putters around the house and doesn't bug me for anything--just goes about his own business.

    I can imagine how hard the single parent thing is. I have a hard enough time even with help from Jon.

  5. most days when the apple slices and goldfish crackers are being expertly launched across the kitchen all i can think is;take this job and shove it, i ain't working here no more!

  6. Amen, sister. Lately I've been saying; "I'm on strike!" but nobody's been listening :(

  7. Yes, it would appear that the paid job is actually a stress relief from the kids - I know some ladies at work who use it as a stress relief from their retired husbands! Despite the hard work involved, I'm getting alarmed about the trend toward before & after school care, combined with full day Jk/sk. Heck, just drop off a cot and someone else would be completely raising your kids. So I humbly thank all you moms who stick it out day after day, without the three weeks vacation or ten sick days - or especially any 'personal days'! Hope you get a whole 'calgon weekend' soon!

  8. my biggest problem with the whole Calgon "idea" is that FIRST I would have to clean the friggin' bath tub...and since it is in my guest bathroom, it is also filled with bins of my yarn stash, so I'd have to move THEM first, THEN clean it....bahhhhhh ferget it...

  9. Matt, good point. When I think of the daycare thing, I think of parents I know, who's kids have a closer relationship with the babysitter than they do with their parents. Okay, that's just my own personal reason why I stay home. But then, I miss those days of wearing nice clothes and feeling independent and "hip." It's like I still live in Walnut Grove, but the working moms get to go to Sleepy Eye. Ha ha ha so tired.

  10. S, clean is a terrible, terrible, evil word. I hate cleaning the tub. I hate washing the dishes...oh wait...there's a whole sink full of them waiting for me now! I like to cook, and make the mess. Now I should just hire someone to clean it up. Hooray!

  11. While I agree with Matt on the before/after school care, the sad reality is if I don't go to work - we don't eat. So I'm very thankful that after school care exists. I hate that my kids don't get to come home and play, but at least they are in a safe environment and not going home to an empty house.

  12. yeah, but Lisa, what else can you do??? You're a single parent, and you have to provide for your sons.


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