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Monday, October 4, 2010

Idiotic Recurring Dreams

Okay, as a special request to my friend, and loyal reader Matt, I am doing a whole blog on my idiotic recurring dreams, as alluded to in my last post. 
What I'm referring to first and foremost, are my BATHROOM dreams.  Yes, I have recurring dreams about public washrooms.  The basic details vary, but they are always, always frustration dreams.  Analyse this, dream-meaning afficionados.  In my dreams, the bathroom:

- is coed
- has no doors on the stalls
- has screen doors on the stalls
- perhaps has two toilets for every stall
- has toilets that are too high to reach
- has doors that only come up to my chest, while I'm sitting on the can
- sometimes has a secret door leading to more secluded, cleaner stalls
It's very annoying. 

* Now, I haven't had this dream in a long time, but probably will now thanks to blogging about it.  In past dreams, whenever I tried to run or run away from something, I never could with any decent speed because ONE LEG IS ALWAYS SEVERAL INCHES SHORTER THAN THE OTHER.  Brutal. I hate that one. 

* This recurring dream, which I have way too often, must be a subconscious guilt one for skipping so much school (hee hee):  I'm back in university, but there's no way I can get my degree because I've skipped so much of one particular pre-requisite class that I have no idea what's going on [in that class], and I'm going to FAIL. 

*I'm never in my own house, or the house I lived in before--I'm always in my parents' house.  The doors never close properly, or lock. 

* If I'm in school, it always looks like my highschool

 I also have "night terrors," which means that I'm partially awake, but asleep enough to believe I see something that isn't actually there.  It's quite terrifying.  For instance, when I shared a room with my sister, I woke and saw a fist-sized spider slowly spinning a web from my bedroom shelf to the corner of my bed.  I was nearly faint with terror, and by the time I woke my sister up to save me, I had woken up enough to realise it wasn't really there. 

The most recent night terror occurred in the dreamy, otherwise completely relaxing hotel stay I and The Man had at the end of summer for a cousin's wedding.  I woke in the middle of the night to see a man, who had hung himself, dangling from his noose, looped to the curtain rod. 

Okay, too creepy--time for something funny:

*** This one was a particular favourite dream of my sister, but not a recurring one:  In this dream, I'd come up with a new cocktail, which involve mixing together a shot of vodka, with the liquid from a cooked ham, in a glass with a dollop of horseradish.  I called it the "HAMTINI" and I actually couldn't wait to wake up from the dream, so I could tell everyone I know about it.

What crazy dreams have y'all had???


  1. I have these toliet dreams all the time! And yes the doors are too short so people can see but they are always in a change room!!!
    How about trying to make a phone call and you cant push the buttons?
    I also have this dream all the time where i have mounds of gum in my mouth and i keep pulling it and it is stuck to the back of my throat! Or I cannot open my jaw.

    I love the running away ones where i am actually grabbing on to poles or whatever to pull me along.
    Yes dreams are sooo strange.
    Is this due to our creative nature that our dreams are so out there?

  2. I had a dream in grade 11 about a boy I had a crush on.

    it was our wedding night, and he was laying in the bed with the covers across his legs. I walked in whipped off the coverings to find he had 2 amputated legs. He just happened to not tell me.

    that dream is vivid as if I had it last night.

  3. hahahaha. Hamtini! Forgot about that one. I cracked up. I literally Laughed Out Loud!

    I remember a dream I had where I was at my friend's house.. at her parent's. I had to use the washroom so she told me to use the one upstairs. Only, when I got upstairs it was an apartment, all open concept. There were people sitting at a dinner table, and there in the middle of a giant room sat the toilet. In front of the toilet, looking at the back wall was a giant window floor to ceiling. I sat on the toilet and tried to will myself to go. My friend, who was in the backyard, looked up and started waving to me for all could see me on the toilet through the giant wall window.

  4. Ladies, I am laughing out loud at all of your crazy dreams.

    Pam, the gum one is horrifying, and I can relate to grabbing poles and anything to pull you along faster.

    Melissa, that cracked me up, though I don't know if you found it funny when you woke up....

    Aimee, that dream always makes me laugh--especially the part where your S. is waving at you from the back yard.

    What does it all mean?!?

  5. Aimee, that dream comes from all those days of talking through your bathroom window hahaha
    I have some pretty strange dreams myself adn i would say atleast once a week I wake up from a very vivid dream and it will take me a good hour before I can "get over" it...wether I am crying, or mad..or laughing...or I am left longing for what ever it was i was dreaming, people who have passed away. They are SO real. Dreams are crazy things.

  6. oooo...who is "Anonymous" I wonder...our neighbour J.B. perhaps? ...still, thanks for sharing. Yes, it's amazing how vivid dreams are, and how they utilise so much real feeling and emotion--so much so that these feelings don't just fade when we wake up.

  7. poor matt gets the brunt of my anger when he does something annoying in my dream, i know its totally irrational but just can't help it, besides he hardly makes me mad in real life- yes i have an awsome husband!

  8. Aw, Paula, that's great!
    It's funny though how real these stupid dreams FEEL--very hard to shake off those feelings too.

  9. Man, who'd want to read about toilet dreams anyway? Ohhh...riiight, I did. My bad. Seriously, dreams are twisted things. Often, I think they are merely your brain saying, 'Testing. One. Two. Testing.'

    Karen, I wonder if that night terror at the hotel was really your imagination, or there was a reason for the terror. I have night terrors whenever I go camping in a tent. I wake up and no matter how much I remind myself that it is just the same old thing, I cannot force myself to calm down until I get my shoes on and go outside the tent and look up at the night stars. Strange. Why the stars are the cure I never know, but they are. As for my dreams I never remember them much anymore - just tattered hints at something disturbing without any plot or specific images. Maybe it's better that way.

    Karen, thanks for your typical boldness in sharing.

  10. I can't imagine someone hanging themselves from a curtain rods.
    All of my curtains are so fragile that if you barely touch them they come apart, & explode into pieces.

    I've always been interested in dreams. I've blogged about the subconscious.
    I believe many factors can bring on recurring dreams such as smells, sudden memories of seeing something familiar, tastes, doing a certain routine that reminds you of a fond childhood environment. Many possible memory related senses play a part of dreams. Often too many to identify.

    The problem with trying to recall dreams is that we tend to corrupt the dream by trying to identify what we saw in recollection. Often dreams can be fabrications of things you imagined, with combination built on that.

    Dreams are a lot more complicated than we are aware of.

  11. yeah, Matt, I don't know what the night terror things are all about, but they seem to come about when I'm having a rather disrupted night's sleep. I can probably blame the hanging man on sweet lady whisky.

  12. Bennet, dreams are indeed interesting. I think it's a way for the brain to unload the overload of junk in the inbasket, a way to deal with anxieties, and the result of inner frustrations, as yet not dealt with.....just to name a few.
    And yet, I can't fathom the whole endless bathroom thing. Maybe it's a modesty issue leftover from childhood...hmm...

    sure dreams are complicated--just think of how creepy our brains are; as they continue to figure crap out that we didn't even realise we were still thinking about, and cough up an answer the next day, or hours later.

  13. Lately I've had some disturbing dreams but they are very vague in the morning, thank goodness. I think I've relived my dad's death several times over the past few weeks. :(

    Years ago I went on a medication for my horrid headaches. I had the most vivid detailed dreams. I still remember 2 of them. In one I was dying and was walking around telling everyone goodbye. It seemed like everyone who had ever been in my life at that point was in that one. The other one was that I had an older brother named Todd and I couldn't find him. No one else seemed to realize he existed but I had all these memories of being with him, nicknames etc.

    When I explained to the doctor how detailed these dreams were he looked horrified and took me off the medicine immediately. I wasn't as disturbed as he was. LOL

    My oldest son had true night terrors for years. Horrid! He'd be screaming and begging for help and we'd have all the lights on and couldn't wake him up. They'd last 5 - 30 minutes. It was a blessing that he never remembered in the morning. There was one night where it was a bad one and he'd quieted down and I sat on his bed crying. Within 5 minutes of calming down, he woke up and asked why we were in his room. He had no idea of what had happened.

  14. Oh Lisa, I feel your pain--especially about the part of you sitting on your son's bed and crying. I think I've "been there" many, many times. OH, the white hairs and heartache of motherhood.
    That was really interesting about the vivid dreams, and even more interesting that your doctor was horrified! Ha!

  15. Lisa, I really sypathize with your stuggle with your son's night terrors. Gabe went through a stage for around 6 months when I thought I was going to lose my mind. It was way way worse than when he was a newborn, because the screaming cycle went off every 20-30 minutes or so. I hope Kieran never gets it.

  16. Matt, how old was Gabe when that happened? The night terrors thing is brutal.

  17. Paula might remember better, but he was out of his crib, so I would guess between 2 and 3? In the middle of the night, after many nights deprived of sleep, when none of your parenting 'tricks' work, and you love your kid so hard you want to scream or cry or collapse, there are moments of 'hard'. I cannot imagine what depths of heartache there can be when things REALLY go chronically wrong with your kids. Does that make sense?

  18. it makes perfect sense, Matt. It's kinda like when I found out Jack was on the Autism spectrum, and my heart broke, but my Mom reminded me time and time again to be thankful, because there are so many worse things that can happen to children, and also so many varying (worse) degrees of Autism.


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