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Friday, October 22, 2010

STUPID Product

I had seen a commercial recently for a new product called "Kleenex Hand Towels."  The basic idea, the evil Kleenex company is trying to feed into our brains, is that we dry our hands over and over again with the same towel, and OH MY LORD that same towel must be so filthy, so saturated with germs, so reprehensibly pestilence-ridden, that it must be a ticking time bomb of doom HANGING RIGHT THERE IN OUR BATHROOM!!!!  Funny...I don't remember anybody dying after drying their hands on a bathroom towel.  So, what they propose is that you get that thing OUTTA THERE, and use their nice, DISPOSABLE hand towels.  You know?  So you can fill the Earth up with more garbage?  Because there aren't enough disposable products?  Because recylcing, apparently, is stupid?  To learn all about the ridiculousness that is the Kleenex Hand Towel, complete with trumped up justifications for using it, please click HERE

Hey everyone, remember a time before all this paranoia of germs came around?  Remember when we washed our hands with a bar of soap, and dried them on a fluffy towel?  And then tragedy:  we started DROPPING LIKE FLIES.  Those towels were more deadly than driving with your eyes closed. 

Give me a break. 

Okay, can we all do something?  Please don't ever buy those stupid hand towels?  Please?  And, if you know anybody who has bought them, can you let them know just how ridiculous they are? 

There, that's better.  Now, enjoy this little parody of the hand towel commercial I found on youtube. 



  1. Agreed! Dumber than dumb! I WILL NOT ever buy them...bunch of hooey!

  2. I thought the same thing.

    Some people are gonna fall for it.

    I barely ever used baby wipes for the same reason. I used all those cute little cloths.

    I could not bear to wipe my childs warm butt with a cold wipe. I always warmed up the little cloth. I carried them out and about in a zip lock baggie. Saved me a mint.

    The chemicals alone in those wipes are nasty.

    next thing you know they will have hand sanitizer right in the disposable cloths....just like baby wipes.

    We strictly use Ivory soap around here and non of us have died yet.

    Oh and lately with all the renos, if you could find a clean towel it was your lucky day.

  3. This really has gotten out of hand. In a public washroom is one thing, but your own home. Come on people, use soap and there will be no germs on the towel. DUH! Don't worry Karen, you won't see me using these.

  4. Hooray ladies! You're all awesome. But I expected no less.

  5. WORD.

    Kleenex hand towels are so stupid. I remember when I first saw that commercial and was so disgusted. Should start a campaign against Kleenex for that not so goodie.

  6. A Campaign of HATE? Please say it would involve HATE. Ha ha, I jest, but you're right. That was absolutely ridiculous. I can almost imagine the dumbass board meeting with the promotional pitch before the product came out.

  7. Karen I said the exact same thing to my husband!!!!! Give me a break about the hand towel being dirty just change the dam thing! Ever heard of laundry? REally in this day in age when the city is constantly limiting our garbage bags.
    WE have a hard enough time cutting down on our personal garbage. Oh I could go on! When I saw this product a Walmart I almost died!!

    It is no different than the swiffer junk thing. More garbage! My swiffer has a terrycloth towel that goes in the wash.

  8. love it - I thought the same, very wasteful. A fluffy hand towel feels much nicer to dry your hands with anyway. Why would you choose to use a paper towel? Ick.

  9. Pam...I was just thinking about the conundrum of all the disposable swiffer stuff. You stick a little cloth towel on your swiffer sweeper? Brilliant! I'm going to have to do that.

  10. Christine, you're right--the hand towel is much nicer. You know what feels extra gross? Drying your FACE with a paper towel. Now that's an unpleasant experience.

  11. i agree with you karen, but remember people used to use hankies , rags and towels for all sorts of unmentionables, maybe kleenex , tampax and charmin are brainwashing us, but i'm not giving up my lady products, some things are just too ewww!

  12. yeah, I was just thinking about my lady products, Paula. I think there are some earth-friendly ones out I have to look that up. Actually, I think we women potentially add a lot of "garbage" to the world.

  13. My son and I saw the ad for the first time together, and I was thinking how much propaganda it was, but my son said, "daddy, does that mean towels are full of germs?" I asked him to think about it: you are drying Clean hands, so the towel is clean. Scary thing is Gabe is normally a pretty critical thinker, yet they played on fears they planted in the first place. Not a new thing I guess. I remember an old ad with animated germs on a home phone that a kid is about to answer, and the mom looks at him in horror! Meanwhile, I think, "since it's at home, wouldn't it likely be his own germs on the phone, or more ironically, his mother's?" All in the name of chasing around your kid spraying a can of Lysol. We are learning a culture of fear.

  14. i TOTALLY agree....dumb wasteful!! try washing a towel every so often...duh! but then I feel the same way about sponges and paper towels in general...I use a wash rag and cloth towels, like my granny did, and every couple of days, I pop 'em in the washing machine with the rest of the clothes...doesn't use any more water or soap...and no trees involved!

    thanks for stopping by :-) I had no idea what the King did to promote me...I look forward to catching up on your blog!

  15. Matt, if anyone knows how to make me laugh out loud, it's you. Chasing a kid around with a can of lysol..chuckle chuckle chuckle...
    And the best part is, that it didn't clue in with me about touching the towel with CLEAN HANDS. Of course--why didn't I think of that?!?

  16. S., I'm going to have to give myself a small slap because I like paper towels. I buy the organically friendly kind, but I should still do what you do and just use rags. Bad karen, bad!
    The King had posted your video that you made, which was very touching, and thought provoking, to say the least. He's lauded you as a LIONESS. That's rather cool, no?

    thank YOU for stopping by. I love it when more people join the whine party!


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