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Saturday, October 30, 2010

YES!!!! I AM (slightly) AWESOME

Everyone, I have a headache.  BUT, NO MATTER!  I have finally figured out, after much googling, and more hours than I care to admit of pouring over HTML code, how to put a little "print friendly" button down at the bottom of my blogs.  No, I'm not expecting you all to print them up and wallpaper your house with them (or use them in place of toilet paper, ahem).  I was doing this specifically for my recipes. 

Earlier in the day, crazed and distracted as I was, my sister happened to call up for a chat.  Now, she used to know all about writing up HTML codes (you know--all the gobbledy gook lingo behind the curtain of a flashy blog, or other profile page).  She asked why I wanted to add this feature.  I told her it was for my recipes.  She said; "why are you bothered?  I just copy and paste your recipes onto a page in my computer, and print it from there."

No, no, no, that's NOT good enough.  Whenever I go online to look up a recipe, I get both annoyed and mildly disgusted if there's no print friendly option on the page.  I don't necessarily want to print up all the adverts and pictures that go along with the recipe, I just want the MEAT OF IT. 

Yes, yes, I'm sure by this point someone is thinking; geez she's anal


Listen, the bottom line is that I'm such a half-wit, every time I manage to achieve any small triumph in the technological world, I'm freaking thrilled. 

So, now just in case somebody cares, my recipes are PRINTABLE!  BOO YAH! 


  1. I decided to print this blog entry 1 millon times and mail them to every environmental activist group in the world. I decided that you did not have enough enemies. You're welcome.

  2. LOL Matt, LOL. More enemies = more readers??? It's all good.


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