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Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Songs I'm Ashamed to Admit I Like

Oh the shame!  Oh the bad music!  There's really no particular order to these songs, so I'll just lay em' down, and leave it to you to judge me. 

1) Where's The Love by Hanson

YEAH!!!  I'm loving it again even as I'm playing it.  Oh Hanson, I don't care if you were little boys when you wrote this song, and I don't care that The Man was once heard to say that the lead Hanson singer looked "like a chick."  No, I don't care about any of that.  You were such talented little kids!  Okay, maybe I'm a little bit ashamed, especially as I remember chugging on down the street with your tape playing in my WALKMAN

2) You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Well, here's your nice, typical, greeting card inspiration set to music.  Waa, I don't care.  Even if everyone else is gagging, Josh, you raise ME UP to walk on stormy seas. I am strong, when I am on your shoulders (but YOUR knees are probably buckling). Whatever that means...

3) Safety Dance by Men Without Hats

The song is terrible, the video is kind of retarded, and the guy's voice is completely ridiculous.  That being said, LET'S DANCE! 

4) A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion

Sigh.  I'm going to get hammered for this one.  Okay, whatever.  I still like to belt it out when I'm all alone in my car. 

5) Hélène by Roch Voisine

Some nice syrup from my Canadian boyfriend, Roch Voisine.  No, don't listen to them Roch.  Don't let them call you "cheesy."  Je t'aime Roch!  Je t'aime!

6) Addicted by Enriqué Iglesias

I have to confess something:  I love Enriqué.  I wish I had all  his cd's.  I don't care what you say!  I don't care that he sounds like he's whining/crying in most of his songs.  I even loved him when he had that hideous mole on his face.  Enriqué, you had me at Bailamos

7) 7 O'Clock by London Quireboys

Every time The Man hears me either play, or even just mention this song, he shakes his head in pure disbelief.  Whatevs, like the Quireboys say, it's 7:00, time for the par-tay.  This makes good sense too, because I'm usually pretty tired by 10.

8) No, I'm too ashamed to admit this one.

okay, I'll try.  Sigh.

8) Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber

What can I say--I have this strange weakness for dance music.  I love dance music.  I love crappy dance-themed movies.  I love to dance.  This song is catchy.  Yes, the Bieb probably only comes up to my hoots, and it'll be a whole new ball o'wax when his voice changes.  All I can do is apologize. 

9) Somewhere sung by Barbra Streisand

Show tunes, anyone?  No?  No?  Hmph.  Still, doesn't this song just GET YA RIGHT HERE???  Come on, sing it with me: there's a place for MEEEE, somewhere a place for MEEE, peace and QUIET and open air!  WAAAAIT FOR MEEEE, SOMEWHERE!!!"  Seriously, I need to go to that place.  You know I do. 

Yes, I like dance music.  I also like belting out show tunes. 

10) Rump Shaker by Wreckx-n-effect

If the song isn't bad enough, check out the nickname of whoever posted it on youtube.  Sigh.  Oh come on, like you don't lurv some nice, sexist, degrading-to-women type music?  Oh, you don't?  Yeah, er, me neither. 

Okay, you can all settle down now.  You've all had a good laugh, I'm sure, but now it's time to FESS UP and tell me your dark secret songs! 


  1. some of those are bad but oh sooo good! my hall of shame includes,some real gaggers but hey,i still like 'em. BABY GOT BACK,its nice that some men appreciate a little junk in the trunk.pretty much anything by EMINEM yeah,i know i am a middle aged,white suburban house wife, but i still think he's a white trash poet.MY HEART WILL GO ON by CELINE DION,DANCING QUEEN by ABBA,yes i like abba.POKER FACE by miss GAGA. that song by JOSH GROBIN,is about God, so i guess his legs won't give out! i really like that song too!

  2. WHITE TRASH POET! LOL!!! I like ABBA too. All in all, I have no problem with any of the songs you mentioned.

  3. Ok, since YOU had courage, here goes....

    1)You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive. "I...I...I...I...I'm so embarrassed for meeeeee!"

    2)Push It by Salt N Peppa. Long live The Late Show Night Club! (since closed...)

    3) Heart of Glass by Blondie. My first cassette. Yes, I was (barely) too young for 8-tracks!

    4)American Pie by Don McLean. Had to look up the artist on YouTube. Everyone sang this together at parties, so it has a special place in my heart - though it was way before my time...

    5)Gimme The Car by The Violent Femmes. Truth is, I'm ashamed of liking the lyrics - they made me lol long before anyone knew what lol was.

    6)We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister. Pure 80's Glam Rock Cheeezzz. I can taste the edible oil now.

    That's all I can stand for now. I may return after a coffee break.

  4. Okay, Paula happily reminded me about my liking all the songs by Glass Tiger and Gowan. But I think Karen shares in that crime, so I'm safe!

  5. Matt, I think a lot of people don't mind You spin me right round...let's ask, he says it's alright, and he has a cheese radar. This is not to say I like...most...of his music. I think Blondie is fairly respectable too, especially 'heart of glass.'The others are a fun surprise, but I'll have to look up the Violent Femmes one.

  6. yes, I still have a soft spot for Gowan and Glass Tiger. I saw Gowan on "cribs" not too long ago, and even if he just rips off an impromptu song, he sounds good, so that has to count for something. People just need to forget his bad, bad 80's hair.

  7. Ok. One last sad entry: Falco - Rock Me Amadeus.

  8. Oh damn, as fond as I am of the 80s and 90s with it's frizzy bangs in the face, and fresh smell of Polo I must break free. Proud I am like a war torn Vietnam vet, to have survived it
    I don't judge for musical tastes.

    As for Justin Bieber, I'm sorry I can't get emotional to a 16 year boy who hasn't........

    Nevermind, I'll just leave it at that.

  9. fresh smell of Polo! Good lord, was that the popular man scent EVERYWHERE then Bennet???

  10. Well, I’m sorry I can’t contribute to this Blog because all the songs I like are considered COOL. Okay, maybe not so. Here’s my list. Hehe.

    Wind of Change by Scorpion – Yeah, what can I say. I used to like the song so much that it raised the hairs on my arms. HA! How’s that for revealing. Never mind how yucko the lead singer’s hair is/was.
    I’m Your Lady by Celine Dion – Who would have thought someone as cool and ROCKER as I would like THIS song.
    Any song by David Wilcox
    Any song by Ray Price (But that’s not uncool, is it?)
    Love love LOVE the instrumental Celtic Christmas CD I have
    Fly to the Angels by Slaughter – I HATED this band… but then in grade seven I had a massive crush on a boy with long hair who loved Slaughter… so, I PRETENDED to like the band but oh! What’s this? I actually LIKED this song. I hang my head in shame.
    Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Songs by Hank Williams
    Ramblin Man and Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers
    Dust In The Wind by Kansas – Please watch this video. Mega cheese. And the dudes! They all look like they came right out of the movie Quest for Fire. Hmmm… Okay… I guess I like a lot of songs from that time period.
    Dream by Fleetwood Mac
    Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars – I think Karen likes this song too. But it’s cheesy. Let’s face it. All that smiling… Ugh.
    Love love LOVE ZZ Top and Roger Miller

    I’m curious to know what The Man would think of my choices.

    But at least I NEVER liked MMMMBop.

  11. I KNEW IT....HAHAHA Aimee likes a Slaughter song!!! (xoxo)
    OKay heres mine...I LOVE Slaughter! Love 'em...infact Dh and I knew we meant to be together forever because we are the only tow people in teh world who know every single one of their songs by heart.
    Love Storey -Taylor Swift...I know gag...but i cant help but sing it at the top of my lungs when it plays on the radio
    Any show tune-love em all
    Shes in love with the Boy-Trisha Yearwood - I think that song takes me back to the days when I was IN LOVE (haha) with a "boy" that my parents HATED!
    I Want Your Sex - George MIcheal ( I cant help that song)
    Oh and Beam, there is nothing wrong with liking David Wilcox...he ROCKS! :)

  12. hehe. no Steph... YOU rock.


    (even if you do like such crappy music) HA!

  13. Oh Aimee, please tell me you don't like that stupid "LAYING PIPE" song or "riverboat fantasy???" David Wilcox!!! Urgh!

    That's also funny you like "the power of love." Who'd a thunk it.

    Laying Pipe is worse than Mmmbop.

  14. Steph, all excellent candidates for bad music. But I know your darkest secret: that you loved, and still loved ALL the 80's hair metal bands. Hee hee! EXPOSED!

  15. I feel so naked! Yipes! Its true, its so very true, I am a hairband lover! My CD collection is filled with Poison, Motley, Ratt, Cinderella, Faster Pussy Cat..oh teh list goes on...a hair band junkie??
    I shall hang my head in shame NO MORE!

  16. ... one of the most played cds in my car is the hits of... Britney Spears. It's nothing but bubblegum and perfect for getting stuck in rush hour traffic. No thinking required. What's revealed on the blog stays on the blog, right?

    I like ABBA. I also like Gowan and Glass Tiger and all the other semi-sucky CanCon music that doesn't ever get played in Tennessee. There's just something about Gino Vannelli, 50-40, Blue Rodeo, the Infidels and the Payolas. Oh and that includes Roch Vosine, but NOT Celine Dion. As I type this, Triumph comes on the player.

    I'd say more, but I think I'd better be quiet after the Britney reveal.

  17. Hey Lisa...imagine a Brittany-Gino duet! No, scratch that. lol

    And Beam, you are much too young to even know about some of those 'bands' - I use the term loosely.

    Karen, I've decided that you and Paula should go see that new Bieber movie coming out in February. You'll raise the average attendance age by a year or two. C''s in 3Deeeee!

  18. a Britney cd! EXCELLENT! Maybe I won't feel so bad then, if I give in and buy that Ke$ha cd (for the kids).

  19. sure, I'll go see a Bieber movie--WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER.

  20. toys r us has a new bieber doll coming out,only 2 per person so you better act NOW!

  21. Argh! Noooooo! I only like that one song, I SWEAR!!!

  22. Karen... I have a thought for you..... It's deep. Get ready.

    Why does it happen? Because it happens. Roll the bone.

    Steph likes Rush. Oh come on.

    Matt, glad you think so actually. :)

    And Karen... enough already. NEW blog please! And let's make this one: Songs I LOVE as of NOW. :)

  23. Is that all your own art work? It is hilarious.

    I do like the josh groban song but girl, some of that music...ahhhhh just gross.

  24. Aim, I've been READING A BOOK all weekend, thus, no blog. Hm, perhaps you should try shutting your computer off and reading. Har har har...did you almost fall for that snobbery? I have been reading though.

    Rush is on the list of "bands who write good music, but have a sh*tty lead singer." Also on that list is Bob Dylan (don't sing your own stuff, Bob), Neil Young....

  25. Berries, that is indeed my handiwork with the "paint" program every computer comes with in its accessories folder. Yeah! Excellent time waster.

    I can not defend myself against these songs. I know that they're horrid.

  26. handywork...handiwork. Oh, me so tired, me sleep for long time.


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