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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ask Crust Man

Only Crust Man knows the vast secrets the universe holds. 
Crust Man knows exactly how many sandwiches I've made in the past three years, but I'm too afraid to ask him. 

Crust Man knows how much dirt and crumbs are waiting, RIGHT NOW, under my stove and refrigerator.

Crust Man knows the most useful thing to do with crusts.
Crust Man also knows that karen woke up at 4:00 because she thought, or dreamed, or actually heard a noise that sounded exactly like small bare feet hitting the floor following an enthusiastic leap out of bed. 

karen is cracking.  Did Crust Man mention this? 

Oh Crust Man, you're a scream. 


  1. This is a hoot. If it makes you feel better my 20 year old bounded down the stairs at 4:00am, saying "there was an accident, i heard it" So what do we do? Go find it, I mean she ran out to the street. What is a mother to do. a couple blocks away sure enough a dumb teenager,(very drunk) was inches from a light standard and caught his car on the mediun...ya and get this some brutal looking chic in some jeep was trying to hitch him up and remove his he could continue driving drunk...ah hello?????we called the cops cuz she thats what I did at 4:00am and it was not a dream.

  2. Crust Man..ok..whatever.

    Look, click on the 'Followers' box at my blog and follow instructions. That way you won't have to look at stamps and things of that nature. Goodness, do I have to come over there and hold your hand??

  3. Berries, that IS odd! What is it about 4 AM? And to think that girl thought she was being helpful. Ah, people are funny.

  4. oh Blasé. Sigh. He's on my DASHBOARD, and he doesn't even know I'm following. More's the pity.

  5. ..oops, my bad

    No matter what I ever say to you, just remember, I need you.

  6. Your crust man is smarter than the average crust man. I like him.
    And I LOVE your blog! So glad I found you. I've been scrolling through your posts, and have been really enjoying myself! Let's becoming fast friends, and our crust men can swap recipes.

  7. Thanks Sandra! What a lovely comment you've left. This usually deflates my smartassery nearly completely. I look forward to checking you out (har) when I'm not hollering at my kids to stop bugging each other.

  8. Yes, yes, Blasé, and vicey versa to you.

  9. Crust man is too funny! Sam has decided he doesn't like crust...he's requested "tea sandwiches?'' Yeah I'll get right on it!

  10. tea sandwiches! Brilliant! I'll just say I prefer making "tea sandwiches" all the time, and then I'll looked refined. You know Pam, thanks to the kids turning up their noses at crusts all the time, I've started to cut mine off too. That stuff is contageous!

  11. I'dve been worried for you if Crust Man had been holding a gun or a box of pills.

    So I say, simply ask Crust Man to babysit for awhile and swing by for some coffee. lol

  12. Crust Man says he doesn't "do the babysitting thing." What a jerk.


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