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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Pity Party Has Been Legendary


People, I am not stoic.  No, not even a little bit.  I am a massive wimp.  A weiner.  An emotional weakling. 

I have the flu! 

I get the freaking flu every year, and yet every year I sneer at the flu shot.  Who's the idiot then?  I do not like feeling sick (who does). I am REALLY terrified of barfing.  So yesterday I was completely achey--everything hurt.  My pants felt like they were made out of steel wool.  They hurt my legs!  I also was awake from 3 till 6 feeling nauseous.
The horror!  And my hair?!?  Why is it that as soon as one becomes sick, the hair becomes HORRIBLE??? 

In the morning I came THIS close to hurling, but did not, only through sheer force of will.  Then I broke out into this monstrous sweat and no longer felt nauseous.  So, all in all, good times.  Now I just feel a little bit like trampled crap.  Probably the lowest moment was when I was flattened in my bed crying because my Mummy is no longer around to  make me chicken soup.  Yes, I told you I'm a suck.  I have no idea how I'd deal with a major illness. 

Anyhow, I shall return when I feel better.  Have  a good weekend, and get your damn flu shot! 


  1. oh poor baby!
    You should eat raw ginger, you will not hurl with that at the first thought of illness I eat some, even I eat it if I have paranoia about eating at a restaurant. one time i ate some and I must have been really really sick, because I could not barf even if i wanted to.....and later I was thinking maybe i should have just to get better....seriously, I eat that stuff like all the time.

    I haven't been sick with barf for years and years.

  2. Feel better soon Karen!!
    I hate getting sick too! Every year i get the flu shot no matter what...I don't want to get sick and I hate throwing up!
    I just know when I'm throwing up i honestly think i'm going to die!

  3. Hey, I will add my best wishes and serious prayer that you feel better soon and are released from Sucksville.

    As for the flu shot, Paula and Gabe got the shot together two years in a row, and both that flu-like symptoms that same night. Great - had to take care of my baby and baby boy barfing in separate bathrooms. Thanks, Ministry of Health! And don't try telling me it's not really the flu. Does it even matter if you have a household dealing with the symptoms?

    Also a number of years ago, a friend of Paula's mom who was a nurse, part of a team who 'had' to take the shot, got hit with a bad batch resulting in varying levels of paralysis for the group of nurses. Took the friend several years to recover and is still not entirely mobile. Yes, it is extremely rare, but I'm glad the Ministry acknowledged the truth in this case.

    Can't win for losing in my humble opinion. I'll wait until they've had decades more to refine the process and learn about any long-term effects...

  4. Well, I think the near-barf incident was incidental. This isn't the stomach "flu" luckily, which is good, because that is PURE HELL. However, I feel like my lungs are filled with weights and I can't breathe :(

    Good tip about the ginger. I wonder if that would have helped yesterday. I think the nausea was just from the fever.

    Pam, throwing up is the worst thing in the universe. THE WORST.

  5. Matt, all I can say is WAAAAHH! Maybe I'll reconsider that flu shot doesn't sound like the miracle I was imagining it to be the other day.


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