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Friday, November 5, 2010

Stay-At-Home Mom's Work Week

maid we dont have retro

Let's imagine for a moment, that this is just another Monday to Friday job:

* 25 trips carting the kids to and from school

* 21 meals (because one kid hates MOST food)

* 8 loads of laundry

* 15 loads of washed dishes (that's about 6 hours spent washing dishes, in a modest estimate)

* 3 mini breakdowns with crying (moi)

* 0 time to myself (except after 9 pm)

* 3 extra cups of coffee just to keep going

* hair brushed and de-knotted

* teeth brushed

* kids bathed

* sheets and towels changed

* house vacuumed

* litterbox scooped

* bathroom scrubbed

* Christmas cake baked

* 65 hour work week without pay



  1. Yeah but just think office bitchy co-worker stealing money and setting you up a-hole boss demanding you order his takeout food while you juggle being his clients swearing at you..threatening you or telling you to F-off because they can't afford their pet bill. Hmmm ...every job I ever had had at least two of these situations....thanks but I will gladly stay home and cook especially at the end of the day when my 11year old says I love you mom...your the best! That's all that matters in my world!
    Karen the world is jealous of us! Be proud!

  2. yah what other job can you do and sit on your arse watching oprah every two hours...especially with satellite?

    There are some perks you know.

  3. ARgh! I NEVER get to watch Oprah. It's a freaking catastrophe if I turn the channel at that time away from kids' cartoons.

    The best perk I have is the occasional nap in the afternoon, which I have to negotiate for ahead of time.

  4. I agree Pam, that I prefer this to the office. However, you have one, nice, gentlemanly, calm son who is in school all day. Oh, imagine that kind of quiet time!

  5. Yes I have to say even though I sadly have only one child...always wanted more...what I have been given is an amazing child who has made up for all the hardships in my life. Sam is Gods way of apologising for my famiy lol !

  6. I got tired just reading this...

  7. Thank you Blasé, thank you. I felt happy just reading your screen name somehow.

  8. Ya, you can be bored and exhausted, ALL at the same time! Back to that term, 'Acedia'....

  9. yes, yes, Matt. Ever since you introduced me to that term, I think about it often!


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