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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Tired Gourmet #4 - Fabbo Fish Bake

Okay, so here's the've just spent way too much time blogging, when you should have been figuring out what to make for dinner.  Plus, your sister and your nieces are coming for dinner, and she's a tired mom too, so you want to make her something nice!  Something YUMMY!  Something that looks fancy, but actually requires a small amount of effort, and doesn't break the bank.  Y'dig?  You already had a package of white fish in your freezer, and the last time you bought some groceries, you looked at those nice packages of fresh, wild salmon, but they were EXPENSIVE.  So, you bought a package of frozen salmon fillets, even though they're never as good as the fresh...UNTIL NOW!  Don't worry, nobody will know the difference, and you won't tell.   Ready?

Fabbo Fish Bake
prep time: 
I don't know--how long does it take to chop a few vegetables and lay some fish in a dish?  10 minutes???

cook time:  25 minutes
serves:  4 adults and 3 small children

1) package (approx 400 g) frozen fish fillets - wild salmon
2) package (approx 400 g) frozen white fish (tilapia or sole preferably) thawed
3) 2 large carrots chopped into thin circles
4) 2 stalks celery chopped into thin half moons
5) heaping cup shredded cheddar cheese

Drain all liquid from your fish fillets, and pat them dry either with a clean dish towel (environmentally friendly of course), or enviro-friendly paper towels.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a greased (butter, olive oil--your choice) casserole dish that will nicely contain all your fish fillets (the 9 inch one does the trick), slap your salmon fillets down.  Lay your white fish fillets on top of the salmon.  Spread chopped carrots and celery evenly over fish.  Spread cheese evenly over top. 

Cover with foil, dull side out, and bake for 25 minutes. 

Seriously, you're done.  You just have to make some sort of side dish now.  Wanna make my yummy, extra nutritious mashed potatoes?  Click HERE for recipe. 

Well, here's your fish...and look, there's a few of those super yummy, incredibly nutritious muffins you made (want to make them?  Click HERE!)

good thing dinner's going to be easy, you STILL haven't done the dishes

dropped this on the way to the organics bin $@#&!!!

slap down the salmon...

white fish on top

choppity chop

on it goes (good colours, no?)

EVERYTHING tastes better with cheese. Cover this baby and send it to the oven!

in the meantime, start making that sandwich for the picky kid

Yay!  Sister's here!

Oh, I haven't seen you in ages!...two days??? (check out that double chin...sheesh)

Ah!  Success! 

Looks rather elegant, don't ya think?  And check out that colourful plate.  Bravo, Chubby karen, bravo!

After a meal that satisfying, it's time for a little fun with the dress-up box ("karen, don't post that batman pic of me on your blog")

Arrrrr, me hearties, make this Fabbo Fish Bake ye scurvy knaves


  1. Nice to see you with a smile.

    I think you are hilarious.

    Yes, I did want a change I was not happy with what I was posting.

  2. Thanks Berries. Your new site looks very fresh and clean. Dang, it made me (almost) want to dive in to cleaning my own kitchen.

  3. Hey that looks yummy karen I'm impressed! Would you like some Salmon? I will gladly mail you some salmon!
    I have like a entire box of hand made canned salmon (delisious!)that my inlaws will be coming out of my ears soon,...smoked...fresh, hubby hates it. He used to be forced to fish for it for 3wks every summer in the ocean. Then that's all they ate through the !

  4. I musta missed the part where you added a creative mixture of drugs. Those 'after' pics are hilarious!

  5. Pam, I guess you would have better access to BETTER seafood, what with being so much closer to the ocean and all now. I love canned salmon actually, but the canned salmon we know sure is a lot different from the real thing!

  6. Matt, the after pics are the best part. Vive ridiculousness!


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