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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Tired Gourmet - Yummy Nummy Mashed Potatoes

This is an easy side dish you can make with any meal, and goes quite nicely with a Fabbo Fish Bake.  There's an extra boost of nutrition in here thanks to a little sweet potato, and it's also low in fat thanks to CANNED CHICKEN BROTH.  I always make my mashed potatoes this way, and they are always received enthusiastically by guests. 

Yummy Nummy Mashed PotatoesPrep Time:  Depends on how quickly YOU can chop them taters!
Cook time:  just about 20 minutes
Serves:  4 adults and 3 kids

1) 7 smallish white potatoes (or 4 cups) - kinda peeled (see picture) and chopped into small cubes
2) 1 sweet potato, peeled and chopped into small cubes
3) 1 can (10 fl oz, 284 ml) chicken broth (sodium reduced, if you prefer)
4) 1 clove peeled, smashed garlic

5) 1 tbsp butter
6) splash of milk
7) salt and pepper to taste

Drain potatoes well, and in the same pot add remaining 1/4 can of broth, 1 tbsp butter, and a splash of milk.  Seriously, just splash a little in.  Be brave.  Just don't add too much.  If your potatoes are dry, you can always add a teeny bit more milk.

Now, mash the heck out of it!  Give it a taste and add a little more salt, if you like, and pepper.  You probably won't need more salt, but perhaps you LURV SALT. 

Serve as soon as possible with a teeny blop of butter on top.

see?  You've KINDA peeled your potatoes, and retained some of that lovely skin.  Good job!
 Kinda peel your white potatoes. In other words, leave a little skin on them.  The skin is good for you, containing fibre and potassium amongst other goodies.  Chop into small cubes.  Peel and cube your sweet potato.

In a large pot, toss in your sweet potatoes, clove of smashed garlic and all but 1/4 of the chicken broth.  Add just enough water so you can see it just below the top level of potatoes.  Bring to a boil, turn heat down to medium, slap a lid on, and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until potatoes are tender enough so a fork prongs in easily. 

into the pot

voila! Mashed potatoes! 


  1. What happened to your job post about not getting paid? It was funny.

  2. which one? Did it disappear? It should be in the archives...
    ack, help me out, I have a headache, due to waking up at 4 AM, thinking I heard one of the kids jumping off his/her bed, and then I couldn't fall back to sleep. Waaaa!

  3. Was it, "Do all jobs suck, part 1?" It's in the October archives. Or, here:


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