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Sunday, November 14, 2010

While The Man Is Away...

While The Man is away on a small business trip, I promise to:

*NOT shave my legs the entire time he's gone

(image source:

*wear next to no makeup, and have that crap washed off as soon as the kids go to bed

(image source:

* eat sandwiches and raw veggies nearly every night for dinner

* sleep in the MIDDLE of the bed in STAR FISH position

* have no TV or Music player on when the kids are both at school


(image source:

* Not be bitter just because he's at Disney world and I'm HERE, after all, he's WORKING, it's not like it's a super fun vacation, but then again, he'll be eating some nice meals, and I'm sure there'll be at least a little bit of time to enjoy some of the attractions, but still, why should I complain when I can go to THE PARK, because I love going to the park.  Even though I've been to THE PARK 5000 times since the kids came into my life, who could ever get sick of THE PARK??? 



  1. Hmmm....Disneyworld is technically a park, too. That's all it is. One big gigantic park....AND I bet THEY don't have good sammies and raw veggies at their everyday disposal. ;-)

  2. Hey... Is that a picture of MY legs? hehehe.

    I'm going for that natural look these days. Well, maybe it's actually just laziness.

    Don't worry Karen. We're going to Florida in FEBRUARY!!! And we're going to lay around on the BEACH!!! And one or two (or maybe more) I'll make Dad watch the girls so you and I can go do something fun!

  3. Maria, I bet they have magical sammies there, served up by some magical character. Grumble, grumble. Hey, I left a long-ish comment on your blog but cyberspace swallowed it!

  4. ha ha ha...Aim, don't you love that picture of the legs?

    Bah, I can hardly even read your comment because right now I'm filled with self-pity. The kitchen is full of unwashed dishes, and the kids need baths. Jack thought he was funnier earlier when he said; "I think my mother looks like an ass!" No es bueno.

  5. Yeah and you forgot to add he gets a break from the hooligans!
    That sandwich looks dam good Karen!!
    I love the part about not shaving legs for me its not shaving something else as well!!!

  6. Pam, I was trying hard not to sing my same broken record song--whining about the kids--I'd take credit for the sandwich pic, but I just found it somewhere on the net.

  7. I like it when the man goes away...because then I live by my rules and if i want to feed the kids cereal and toast for dinner, I did.

  8. @Karen: Darn that cyberspace! I DID find a comment from you, thanks so much. :-D I find you hysterical and would NEVER suggest you stop complaining about your parenthood adventures. ;-)

    P.S. Magic is overrated.

  9. Berries, that's hilarious. What I find so interesting is that when the men are not around, one of the first things that flies right out the window is DINNER. Now THAT is interesting.

  10. thanks Maria, glad you found the comment because I really enjoy your blog as well.

  11. that makeup job is so wrong! karen look up 'simpsons makeup gun' you look just like marge.

  12. lol Paula! I'll do that. I had so much fun using the "paint" accessory on my pic. Yet another awesome time waster.


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