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Thursday, December 9, 2010

And On A Side Note...

Miss Hot Body doesn't live across the street anymore. 

The house gets rented out, and the owners live beside us.  So, during the summer a 20-something couple moved in.  The young woman had skin that was a lovely shade of coffee with cream, was slim with long legs, large enough bosoms (don't ask me what 'large enough' means.  I'm a girl, and I only mention this as part of the noteworthy details), and walked around in very short shorts, skimpy tank tops, skin tight jeans, etc.  Also, she was very nice and friendly to boot. 

Today I saw the new tenant getting out of her car:

- brown curly/fuzzy hair cut in a shoulder length triangle
- baggy red track suit with pants tucked into knee-high FUNCTIONAL black winter boots
-non-descript asexual winter coat

And so peace and order has been restored to the neighbourhood :)

(oh don't look at me that way--I don't need to feel any more  PUSHING FORTY FEELING FIFTY than I already do)

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  1. oh my this reminds me of my old neighborhood....I could so write a WHOLE book on these one neighbors...anyhow a single hot mom with all of your afore said features moved in across the street...and for some weird reason she became friends with my crazy neighbors wife....(she was really dumpy) and her husband was ex military scrawnier than jim carey and missing teeth...well he just took a shine to the booby neighbor and chased her up and down the street with water guns and the hose...and rollerbladed up and down the would not believe the spectacle this guy made of himself chasing this hot little number all over beer in hand...she moved away after 2 months...wonder why??????

  2. I have it in writing! Karen assessing cleavage. So the blog is sometimes for guys afterall! lol

  3. So I guess your dad won't be over for coffee much in the !

  4. Rancid??? Really ??? I am laughing because I have thought of my kids behaviour as being rancid.... hahahahah that made my day.

  5. good story Berries. It almost sounds like a good plot for a tv show.

  6. It's true. NOBODY is immune from noticing how large or small a woman's hoots are. However, Matt, there won't be any bikini pics on here any time soon. Sorry. There might be more complaining about buying bras...

  7. lol, Pam! Oh he'll be over. I make damn good coffee.

  8. Oh yeah Berries--my mother wanted to strangle my brother by the time he was ready to move out.

  9. Karen has the best hoots of all. Yeeeeeeha!

  10. Hilarious, Nerd! I got them from having Ella. I had to have something that would distract from the GUT.


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