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Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Night


  1. Ah and you come off only as a gifted writer! You crazy woman can decorate too, your tree is awesome!

    Plus I like the birds!

    Last night , boy did I hava a hankering to take my tree and decorations down....ok all the fuss is almost over, lets get it all on out of here. I am sure if they woke up to no christmas tree I would have been in the dog house the rest of my about the stair rail motif?

  2. Well Berries,
    I had a thought this morning that I wanted to take my Christmas tree down as soon as Christmas is over. christmas is very difficult, as I'm sure you know, when your filled with heartache.

    Oh well.

    I figured you'd like the birds--they're among my favourite ornaments! Thanks, I like my tree a lot too.

    Maybe you can take down your tree in a couple of days? Or, will everyone be sad?

  3. Well, Karen, the photos and tree are fantastic, despite the angst it brought you. There must have been a bit of joy in it for you to have posted these. Our tree almost didn't go up this year, for fear of the Wrath Of Kieran, but she pretty much ignored it ('cept for the glass candies). Merry Christmas anyway, my oldest(!) friend. I hope there was a seed of peace in your silent night...

  4. Beautiful ornaments and a nice tree!

  5. thanks Matt! Funny you should mention the wrath of the little people--ornaments are secretly being removed from the tree to be inspected, played with, and slightly broken. I guess it's just too enticing.

    Well, a Christmas tree is always a pretty thing--especially at night when everyone else is sleeping.

  6. thanks Toemailer. Nothing like a little sparkle!

  7. Love your tree.

    And unlike you dudes, I wish I could keep MY tree up much longer than necessary. Somehow it makes me feel closer to ma.

  8. well sure--she bought a lot of your favourite ornaments, right?


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