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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wrapping Paper?!? Ugh!

Brown paper packages, tied up with strings...
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First of all, why not consider, NOT wrapping as many presents as you can???

But, if you must wrap....

Why not try brown kraft paper???

Come on--
you can't tell me those presies don't look fabulous.  Don't they have a rustic, old-fashioned kind of charm?  Isn't there something pleasing about that clean, brown paper?  Now, what if I tell you that brown kraft paper is mostly composed of recylcled paper already, and when you're finished having that un-wrap-a-thon on Christmas morning, or whatever holiday you choose to open lots of gifts, wouldn't it be nice to scoop up all that paper and put it IN YOUR RECYCLING BOX???

You know that most of that coloured wrapping paper we all love can't be recycled, don't you?  Just consider something new, exciting and recyclable this holiday season.  Now, some of you ladies who read my blog are very crafty and creative indeed, and you certainly have a way with a ribbon. 

*I promise to not buy any coloured wrapping paper this year so I don't add to garbage mountain. 

I'm going to my local paper/office supplier, and picking up a giant roll of brown kraft paper to wrap all my presents.  Actually, I wrapped all my presents in brown paper last year--all except my own little family's.  This year, however, (and pardon the cheesiness of this) I'll have a BROWN Christmas!  Okay, terrible joke.

AND, if I don't wrap presents, I am going to use re-useable gift bags.  So, think about the garbage mountain that is created every holiday season. 

Here's a good article about trash


  1. They do look great. I didn't do brown kraft paper, but instead, I bought in bulk, brown Kraft bags with handles...same thing, different twist. I made most of my gifts this year and they needed a bag. I'm just using some red and green tissue from the dollar store as a topper. Besides, don't you just hate gift bags that you can't re-use for mothers day etc. because it says "Merry Christmas"?

  2. I am feeling really bitchy and unchristmasy at the moment and if any of my kids get any gifts it will be with brown paper and not cuz I am worried about the landfill. Oh and brown paper with no ribbon shmibbon.

  3. Marnie, that sounds fantastic--I don't know, there's something "gourmet" looking about the brown paper gift bags, or wrapping paper. I suppose you can't say what you made, otherwise it'd spoil the surprise? Or maybe not, since none of your receivers are reading my blog, hee hee.

  4. Berries! I'm surprised. I'd have figured you'd lurv Christmas because it's a great time of year to wield your decorating talents, and make your house more lovely. That being said, the holidays come with muchos stress.

  5. oh today my kid was pissing me is time for that 22 yr old to move out!!!

  6. I had no idea that the 'modern' wrapping paper was not recyclable. I've been shoving it into the bin for years now! (The foil/plastic stuff goes with the plastic bags, the paper with the newsprint). Gee, thanks, Karen!

    Speaking of newsprint, from time to time I would use THAT to wrap presents. It works especially well if you can use the comic section, or a headline that is relevant or humourous! Better than Kraft paper, newsprint never stops coming to my door every week!There. That advice is free. Stick that in your green pipe and take it to a designated smoking area...

  7. oh great Matt. The newspaper. Actually, I wrapped my brother's present in newspaper this year...

    love the green pipe, but wouldn't that be a bong? Nevermind. Me so tired.

  8. Berries, it's the natural order of things: kids become rancid around the time they start wanting to move out, so then you don't necessarily feel sad when they do. My brother was hellish before he moved out.

  9. I manufacture skincare and have a business doing that. My gifts are special this year because they are custom-made for each person on my list. I listened to their yapping all year long and came up with something just for them. I had fun.

    No coal...they've been nice :0)

  10. Now that sounds like a fun present, Marnie!

  11. Newspaper! excellent idea...I seem to have a never ending supply of that..working at a newspaper :)
    veryone will gets their prezzies wrapped with the Grimsby Lincoln News this it!

  12. Excellent Steph! And when they look at you with a funny expression on their faces you can say "I'M DOING IT FOR THE PLANET!"

  13. I just gots one thang to say... DOWN with the coloured crrrrapola.

  14. You GO, SISTA! Seriously though--I'm all excited because I found my huge roll of brown kraft paper that I bought to wrap stuff up when we were moving. BOO YAH


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