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Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Guns For Me, Thanks.

I don't have a gun.
My sister does not have a gun.
My brother does not have a gun.
My friends don't have guns.

We live in Canada.

Here is an article that I read this morning on  I thought it was a good one, so I'll cut and paste it into this post.  Have a read, and have a think.

If you'd like to read the whole thing, go HERE.

The Rundown

A look at the news that made headlines this week.

One of The Rundown's more loyal followers asked if the Jan. 8 shooting in Tucson, Ariz., that killed six people and injured 14 others, would make the United States recognize that it has a serious problem with gun control.

If you ask The Rundown: no.

Guns wielded by citizens have killed or wounded high-ranking U.S. officials before, including the president. If Americans have refused to act appreciably on gun control in those instances, nothing that happened this past Saturday, including the grave wounding of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, will stir them to that end.

The second amendment of the U.S. Constitution stipulates the right to bear arms. That was ratified in 1791 and nothing that has happened since then has caused it to be changed. Not even the horrible events that happened in Tucson. The amendment's longevity has spawned a largely pervasive culture that has established gun ownership as inalienable, as vital as freedom itself, to be forsaken only when it is removed from your cold, dead hands. There are few guarantees in life but one of them is the gun culture in the United States. It will not change. Not in this lifetime, the next one or the ones beyond that.

If anything, the gun debate in the United States has been trampled by the notion that the country's incendiary political rhetoric was more to blame for what happened in Tucson. That debate percolated throughout the week, with some political operatives telling their followers to cool it and the right-wing talk shows dismissing it altogether. The Facebook video posted by Sarah Palin was another matter, doing much to put kerosene on flames that already contained plenty of heat. Palin, the former governor of Alaska and a candidate for vice-president on the Republican ticket in 2008, had "targeted" Giffords' district with a cross-hairs logo because of Giffords' support for health-care legislation.

Some of those hard edges were softened by the eloquent address given by President Barack Obama at a memorial for the victims on Wednesday night. The president poignantly turned the moment on the people at the scene, those who were killed and those who survived.

If the gun debate in the U.S. went anywhere this week, it was in the opposite direction, with more people deciding to pack heat, including some members of Congress.

That response bears out the close regard for the second amendment. It also ensures that what happened in Tucson will not be the last time we hear of such a massacre.


  1. Brave?

    You have a loaded gun her on this post Karen...HAHAHAHAHA.

    I don't know how many people you have ruffled up here politically.

    Mr. Paint has no gun.
    Melissa has no gun.
    2 daughters have no gun.
    2 sons have no gun.

    The only people I know that have a rifle?
    2 or three. Registered. Hunters. Locked up. Well except for my old crazy neighbor. He did not lock his loaded rifles. With 2 small children. I should have phoned social services.
    I could have on multiple infractions on that family...but was afraid he would shoot me with his loaded rifle. He shot the neighbors dog. He was crazy.

  2. Weellll...I didn't write the article, but I guess my stance is clear enough, eh?

    sure, there are those who have a rifle for hunting, but I can only think of one guy off hand who does.

  3. Let's be brutally honest.....

    Most (not all of course) Americans are psychos for their guns. It's this weird thing they can't give up. And EVERYTIME you turn around someone is shooting someone. Now, that's not to say people don't shoot each other up here. But at least we're not offing each other in record number..

    Remember the saying, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."

    Well... if you don't have a gun and you're bloody angry, you'll most likely just have a fist fight and everyone will walk on home. If you're bloody angry and perpetually strapped... (especially if you're angry and coo-coo)... well, we know how THAT story ends.

    And seriously, what's the point?????? What's the point of loving guns SO much??? Change your love people.... go from deadly weapon to love of house plants or something.

  4. have you seen the movie by micheal moore called "bowling for columbine"? i think you would enjoy it, it was an insight into the american psychy, and their love of guns. i'm pretty sure the right to bear arms was writen when the king of england or some indians might attack you at any moment,not big threats in 2011! the whole culture is just weird!


  5. Love all the Canadian perspective!!!LOL. Yay Canada, our home and gunless land.

  6. What if, here in Canada, way back when, we had been given the constitutional right to have that gun? Would we be any different? Would we think it is just another necessity? Would I have one, because it looked really cool? Would I have one if I were a single woman living alone in an apartment building?

    Is there a whole culture/romance/lifestyle built around guns? Why, if we're right next door, have we never decided we need them as well???

    Aim, you're right--it's naive to say shootings don't happen here, and we can't forget Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, and yes, people shoot each other in Toronto, but to me there's something surreal about your local gun store having all the semi-automatic weapons any old shmuck could want.

  7. Paula, I was actually waiting to see if anyone would bring up "Bowling For Columbine." I found that so fascinating, that so many American citizens were perplexed as to why there'd be any question of whether or not they should have a gun. Most everyone thought it was ridiculous because how else were they going to protect themselves and their families?

  8. I thought the article was interesting, because it really pointed the finger at the great responsiblity that comes with having these gun rights, rather than wondering if the shooter listened to heavy metal music, and played online roll playing games.

  9. There have been numerous comparisons with Canada , and The United States about guns.

    The whole idea of control is absurd in my mind because it is a huge political issue is more of a distraction than a real issue.

    We have an entire culture fearful of one another ready to kill before finding solutions. One lone gunman in my opinion is not a national tragedy (as it is being treated), but a culture that lets people grow up hopelessly with suicide as an easier option than treatment is the problematic elephant in the room.

    Obama's speech this week was basically saying:" Tone down the rhetoric because it could dangerous" which to me means:" Don't egg on the crazy people because worse times are ahead that we have no control over"

  10. I don't have a gun, but nearly all of my friends do. It used to bother me, it doesn't anymore. So many folks in TN conceal carry.

    I see the reasoning as - the criminals have them so the normal people need them to protect themselves.

  11. My friend is from usa she has lived here and become duo citizen. she has lived with no gun for all this time for her protection.

    One day I asked her if she moved back to the states if she would have a gun, and she said yes. She said she would need to protect herself and her propterty. It was her right to bear arms.

    I was like if you don't need it here, why would you need it there?

    Yes there are shootings here. They are becoming more. They are related to crimes usually that are gang related. Not the average joe.

    I saw bowling for Columbine. The ratio of gun related deaths in the states compared to Canada or France or anywhere is beyond comprehension.

    I will never forget the part when he gets a bank account at a local bank and the reward for choosing that bank was a gun. Bizarre.

  12. Oh my friend has been in Canada for 19 years!

  13. Ah Bennet--that's some real 'food for thought.' Don't egg on the crazy people...frightening to say the least.

    I think that was one of the best points in "Bowling For Columbine": that everyone has been made to feel afraid of everyone else. It makes me think of how nobody wants their kids to walk alone to school anymore. Are there more nuts out there, or just more awareness thanks to media/internet?

    That's a little off topic, but just the same: Television and the media are terribly irresponsible. There's no juicier story than the sensationalistic story--even if it has to be beefed up a little.

  14. Sure Lisa, it's that culture of fear and paranoia just as Bennet mentioned.

  15. Now that's interesting, Melissa--your friend doesn't feel a need for a gun here, but she does in the U.S. That circles right back to Lisa's comment in which the "normal" citizens feel they need a gun because the crazy ones have them.

  16. Okay, Canadians what do you think: if you moved to the U.S. permanently, would you ever get a gun?

  17. I can answer for me - no. My ex used to berate me for not being able to protect the children if something happened. It's taken the majority of 17 years to get used to the gun culture of TN, I have no interest in participating.

    And because my humor is such - I'm a mom, could you imagine if I conceal carried and actually needed to shoot someone. I'd have to dig in my purse past all the crayons and little ninja men, the advil and loose change. I'd be shot before I'd ever find the damn gun at the bottom. ;)

  18. Everyone needs a gun to protect themselves from the criminals... well, sure.......

    as far as I'm concerned.... ALL THE MORE REASON to get rid of guns. All together. Except for those who hunt I guess... but then again, I don't even agree with hunting for sport. But that's another topic all in itself. pffft.

  19. If I moved to the US woudld I get a gun? NO.
    We have family who live in Texas. My first visit there was an eye opener to say the least. (but I will stick to the topic:guns)
    So, you know the Texas sterotype...well it certainly comes from somewhere!! So, we open the closet to hang up our clothes...there it is...a gun. I couldnt eve tell you what kind of gun..I knwo nothing about them...but a gun, right there in teh closet....after trying not to throw up, i kindly ask Grandpa to remove it from my bedroom closet...he laughed at me! That gun belonged in that bedroom closet...every closet has its opwn gun...."WHAT!?!" Yikes...they live on a ranch...adn ranchers have guns...It was like this at every home we visit in Texas. Now I am not saying that everyoen is Texas has a gun, but everyone we are related to did and were proud of it. have any of them killed anyone with a gun, no. When they get mad to tehy take out their guns, no...if someone broke into their home, would they go for gun? well, not most of them...So i asked, why have one then...for hunting. Ohhhh they kill animals with them. Not my cup of tea either. BUt what IF I took out thier closet gun and went on a rampage?? It could be so easy...ya knwo with a total of 7 guns in the house. It made me ill to know there were even guns in this house!!! ofcourse on my last day there (of our first visit) I was told not one of the guns were loaded and hadnt been is years and years.
    Their way of thinking is SOO different then ours (here in Canada) They got a hoot out of how freaked out i was by a gun in the house...and think nothing of it...yet the peeps we know (in texas) wouldnt use them to harm humans...its so strange. In Texas, downteh rd from the grandparents, is WalMart...judging the size of thier gun dept, one can only assume that everyone there owns a gun or can walk in, but your ammo, no questions asked...last year we walked into a pawn shop in San can find more guns in there then anything else....bizzarre to me!
    I cant wrap my head around it...
    And you know what....I have lived in Niagara Falls for 31 years...i can only remember 2 people, no wait 3 people have been killed by a gun in all those years...THAT I CAN memory may not be that good...but really, more people get stabbed in NF than shot. Hmm.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Oh my god, Lisa, that's hilarious because it's true. That could be a comedy show skit.

    Okay, so that's interesting that just by virtue of living somewhere doesn't mean you immediately adopt ALL the local values and ideas.

  22. Well Aim, I once had an argument with a guy about hunting, and he said that I had a very "Ontario city" mentality, and how hunting was far more noble and humane than the way we get out meat to the table.

  23. Good story Steph. I especially liked the part about the good old Wal of Evil having a gun section. Why am I surprised?!? Fascinating.

    I can't imagine having a gun in every closet. Sheesh.

  24. Steph, your comment got duped, so I just deleted the other one--just in case anyone is wondering if you wrote something SO OFFENSIVE I had to have it removed, ha ha.

  25. again I am at work, passign the time by reading yoru blog..its crazy...cuz on my end, it said that my comment could not be i tried agian..and same you got it 2 times..haha nice

  26. Hunting is far more noble and humane..... well, I'm sure Dad would disagree...

    Remember when he was younger and hunted? He said he never really got into it or enjoyed it. Probably did it because he felt like he should... Anyway, then he shot a rabbit and the rabbit was screaming in pain. Dad never hunted again.

    Steph. Loved your comment. YIKES.

  27. it's happened to me before too, Steph. At first I was all excited--yeah! Two comments from Steph! And then I realise, oh it's just the same one twice, ha ha ha.

  28. Yeah Aim, I'll have to tell you what this guy said about hunting. I don't know--it's still not for me, but then I'd much rather be a hypocrite about my meat.

    Yeah, getting back to Steph's comment--a gun in every closet. Very WILD WEST, eh???

  29. Those crazy Texans! Guns! Guns! guns! No! No! No!...It freaked me right out! But thats their "culture" there *shudder*
    You have no idea how freaked I was when George's son showed up at my house shortly after George died. There was a note in deposit box saying he hid a gun above the stair case...Randy wanted to warn us about it...we havent found it...but until that point (when we torn away teh ceiling above both set of stairs) I was freaking out! I hated teh fact that there COULD be a gun in my house!! George was a gun lover...all these years of living so close by...had no idea that he had a gun collection...infact he made a big locked box in his bedroom (which is not Cohens room) where he would keep his rifle...yuck!!
    back to Texas....every year we go there...there is a small part of me that is very fearful of a trigger happy Texas shooting us...Rich thinks I am crazy...but seems everyone owns a gun...and I have a fear of the unknown...I know nothing about guns...just what i hear...people kill peeps with those things.
    Me no fan of them!
    Beam, sad sotry about your dad with the rabbit! I cant picture your dad hunting! this why you guys had so many rabbits? to perhaps help your dad heal from that awful hunting experience?

  30. the last coment was form me...i seem to be having minor issues commenting on your blog from work

  31. Wow Steph--that's a scary story about George. That man was both kooky and scary. What a combo! Why not throw some guns into the mix? Sheesh. Is his son anywhere near as bizarre as he was, by the way?

  32. He has 3 sons, the one son that we dealt with, was normal, a very nice guy..the other two...a moer tehn the other! Very strange family! I didnt really know aot about George, unti we moved into his house...he had a sh*t load of money...he loved his guns ands hunting...he was super paranoid, every door had least 3 locks on it, inside doors included, he lieks to fix things the cheap way, he was no carpender by any means, he was not a cook, he was cheap, hence the sh*t load of money, he did not watch tv, he did not have picutres on his walls, ever. adn he did nto like to paint. Just a few things about George. Back to his son, he was normal. We spent soem time with him, he is very smart, but keeps a very packed house, boarderline hoarder, i would say. He seemed pretty grateful everytime we would call him letting him know we had mor email for him and such. Never just popped by, he would always call first to let us know he was coming over, even we had called an hour earlier. Nice. He, too, shared my views on guns. Which is strange considering his father was crazy about them. I think he as rather uncomfortable with the whole thing. I asked him if he wanted me to call him, if we ever did find teh hidden gun...he said, no thank you, just turn it in to the police. hahaha.

  33. Back to the topic at is some food for thought...todays edition of the Beverly Hills Courier...3 of the headlines are to do with people getting shot..with GUNS!
    Todays onine edtion of the Grimsby Lincoln News..wainfleet fall festival, Fireworks extended in the Falls, Go buses revised from guns...none mentioned actually on the whole page...for moer fun, i checked out teh Toronto Sun...funny the only thing mentioned about guns (today anyway) is about teh shooting in US...okay, perhaps LA was a bad choice, lets check out...teh Chicago Tribune...I got 2 stories of shootings..okay, lets check out one more Canadian newspaper ( i love the news!)Teh Vancouver Sun...I got a storey about Orca whales...and what is really in Chicken McNuggets...far cry from shootings..just thought I would share that!

  34. That IS interesting Steph: both about the news, and the profile you provided of the strange man who always lived across the street.

    Yes, when you put it in perspective of what's in the newspaper, it really makes a difference, doesn't it?

    Fascinating info on George, by the way...

  35. Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but Canada has more guns per capita than the U.S., according to that 'documentary' by Michael Moore. I think there are more hunters and farmers with guns than you realize.


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