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Friday, January 28, 2011

Take A Mental Trip

Not too long ago I stumbled across a blog featuring interesting photography.  One of the photographers featured was a woman from the Netherlands named Ellen Kooi.  I thought there was something so engrossing about her pictures; the subject matter, placement, settings, and fairy-tale like feel of many of them.  So, since it's blah, grey, slushy, soggy winter out there, and there's been no sign of green for months (well, here at least), take a few minutes to click on her link and let me know what you think of her pictures.  Click on the photograph below to link to Ellen's home page.

First, here's a nice little write-up I found on this artist:

(for the whole article, click HERE)

Born 1962, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The large-scale panoramic photographs by Ellen Kooi challenge us to view the world as a dramatic narrative. She wants us to seek the border between fantasy and reality. At first glance, the people that inhabit these panoramas of (mostly Dutch) landscapes seem to be at the mercy of their surroundings. But if we look at these pictures more carefully we see a more complex relationship, as the landscape almost responses to its inhabitants. The displays of nature we see are a symbolic reflection of the inner turmoils, or indeed of the happiness of these people. In a way comparable tot nineteenth century psychological portraits, kooi tries to tell us about myths, chance encounters and our relationship with the outside world. But keeping this in mind, her works are as much concerned with the landscape as they are with the person. By forming close connections between themes set in our visual memory of history but never choosing a main focus, Kooi's works are suspensefull and hard to identify.

Click on the Photo to Link to Ellen Kooi's web site, and then click "Works". 

Velserbroek- de brug

ilfo archiveprint, plexiglass, reynobond
120 x 60cm


  1. All I'm thinking is how'd that guy get out of that pose?

  2. I wasn't struck by an ugly guy...I'll have to look again


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