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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bye Bye Wimmens and Mens!

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Sorry I can't take your call right now, but I'm off to have my first solo vacation, in well, ever.    So just leave a message after the "beep".



  1. Have a great time!!!

  2. ack, how did the rest of what i said not post???
    Okay, you have a FAB time! Soak up the sun...and rumor has it that you will have access to the oif you feel so inclined, blog away on your vacy...hahahahaha!
    okay really, have fun, try to relax and please bring home some sunshine :)

  3. If you are reading this while on your vacation, you are seriously sick and need help.

    BON VOYAGE, KAREN! (not on your house siding this time...)

  4. Have a blast cousin you deserve it!!!
    Can't wait for the florida post!

  5. Enjoy every moment...and don't hesitate to run away from the kids that are also on the trip.....find a corner of that beach and sleep!

  6. I am actually reading this on vacation...and blogging it too, because clearly I'm insane. OH well, still relaxing, even if it is chilly and rainy today. Figures. It's shirt and pants weather--not swimming weather. Better than frost bite, but not quite so good as tropical abandon.

  7. Well, Karen, its -30 with the wind chill cold out!!! Enjoy! and give your family a helllloooo from moi!

  8. I thought you might, I get a prize for proclaiming your insanity?

  9. Good for you! I know I could sure use a break!

  10. OH toemail...we all could use a break.

    Matt: yes, you were correct. Here's a gold star, and you go to the head of the class!

    Steph, that does make me feel better, but it's weird that it's just so damn cold while I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt!


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