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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holy SMOKE! It's been ONE YEAR!

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Hey!  I just realised what date it is--March 22!  I was a little distracted because I was contemplating A) The super duper messy kitchen, and B) the needle in the neck I get to enjoy tomorrow morning at 8 FREAKING 30!  Hooray for another thyroid lump biopsy!  No, don't panic.  My lumpy thyroid has been poked a couple of times already.  But we'll talk...oh yes...we'll talk...

Anyhow, it was a year ago today that some of my relatives on Facebook enjoyed my smarta$$, sarcasm-crammed, crusty status updates SO MUCH, that they figured I must be brimming with enough crap to fill a blog. 

And so, a year has come and gone, and I can honestly say that writing is the best way to avoid doing any housework  still one of my favourite past-times. 

What I really love about blogging is the comments section.  Seriously:  you peeps are awesome!  You have great comments.  You're insightful, hilarious, supportive, and not afraid to have your own brain and opinions. 

So, HOORAY TO ME!  Yeah, I do mean that.  I'm VERY unmotivated in most things, you know.  And, HOORAY TO YOU, otherwise this wouldn't be half as fun. 
My Very First Post:  Zhu Zhu Pet Of Terror!

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  1. i agree, writing a blog & having comment feedback is so much better than just doing facebook statuses. because here, you know people like your writing & think you're funny even if they don't know you & therefor kind of have to like you. i felt a sense of validation when i started blogging & getting readers & comments. yay for bloggy friends!

  2. Hooray! Congrats.
    I'm remarkably unmotivated as well - it's a damn miracle, I tell ya.

  3. Congratulations on your first year Karen!!
    Aren't you glad I kept yelling at you through FB to do it!!!
    It's been fun Cousin!!!

  4. Yay for blogging friends is right Sherilin! This blog world is so much more fulfilling than real life ;)

  5. Lady E--I second that, and third it. I may not accomplish much more than a blog all day, har har

  6. Congratulations!! Cheers to one year and bringing the funny to us!

  7. You are the blog that always gives me something to think about, laugh about, abhor about, stand back in shock about, roll off my chair and kiss the floor about..

    If I am feeling bad, I can always come here and feel better because, you are a bit crusty,black hearted, and rancid at times! LOL,.

    I will never forget your descriptions of hair or hooters...You have made me laugh this year the most.

    You come in first, before Rick Mercer who always makes me laugh.

  8. Moi? Evil, crusty, burnt-out moi? Muchas gracias,amiga

  9. Wow Melissa! That's some mighty fine praise your offering up! It warms the cockles of my black, black heart.

  10. wow, melissa was offering up some big praise there! nicely done, my friend! group hug right back atcha.

  11. your blog has given me laughs and some cheap{free} therapy,so thank you, and don,t stop now i need my daily fix!

  12. yeah, she made me stop being a cynical jerk for a few minutes, eh Sherilin!

  13. Thanks Jillsmo. Now I have to say "blogthday" over and over again, as it wants to get a bit stuck on the tongue.

  14. thanks Paula. I still have more ideas here, but I also have six piles of laundry :(


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