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Monday, March 21, 2011

Jack's Art 2!

Back in September, 2010, I posted some of my son Jack's art .  Seeing as how he draws, and draws, and draws, and draws, and draws, and draws...I figured I'd share some more of his work, because damn it, I'm so freaking proud! I have to post this while he's in bed though, because he's something of an ARTISTE (you know; the tempermental, volatile, EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT kind), and if he caught me he might not be very impressed. However, he's 7, and I'm his mother, so I can toss scruples and discretion to the wind, har har.

Jack mostly likes to draw scenes from orchestras, especially if Jascha Heifetz is the star.  He's also a big fan of British rock & roll, but as you'll see he features himself and his all teddy-bear band, instead of the groups in the original stills.  His band always includes himself, Roland (his toy lion) on drums, John (his small bear), and Dave, his favourite, favourite bear and right-hand man.  The logo on the bass drum is usually that of "The Who."  Even though they're not his favourite band, it seems to be Jack's favourite band logo. 

 Here are some of his recent works done over the winter. Keep in mind, this kid only just turned 7 in February!

You can click on pics for better detail

Jascha Heifetz

Jack's Van Gogh-esque Sunflowers

Jack and his band playing in Hamburg, Germany

Happy Jack, super star

Jascha Heifetz, smiling


Heifetz again, I believe

Jack and the boys, playing The Cavern Club ~ Liverpool, England

A rare colour pic of Jack and his band

yet another concert


at the Cavern Club (note the posters on the walls)

playing in the orchestra

scene from "They Shall Have Music" (1939)

The Standells on "The Munsters" (from the episode "Far Out Munster")



  1. Ummm... I'm in shock! Those are incredible. I was an art teacher and that's better than a lot of my high school students - seriously ;)
    What a talented little guy!

  2. thanks lady E! I'm insanely pleased with them too. I lurv art. I want to hug him and say "nevermind about that silly old MATH--you just focus on art!" but that would be wrong, I suppose.

  3. omg Karen these are so freaky good it is scary!!!
    Can't you do something with this? I mean seriously there is some serious talent here.
    These need to be shown to the world!

    I loved your comment ha ha you had me laughing you are so funny!!

  4. man, i'm totally on that "screw match & spelling. who needs em. just DRAW!" thing here at my house too. because when she's drawing, she's mostly happy & all is right with the world. but bring in rules and the bomb goes off.
    i love jack's circles and circles and circles. he uses them in such a way that they become all kinds of great things. and the details on the instruments are fantastic!

  5. I tell ya that kid of yours is an art genious. I think you need to sell some prints asap.

    I would buy one for sure.

    He has an incredible style all his own and I am just jazzed, by it all.

    You really need to do something with his art.

    I will wait and one day...I will see his prints up in some gallery or in a book, and they I can claim his mom was a blogging buddy.

  6. Brilliant - he's got talent way beyond his years......

    No wonder your proud.


  7. wow he is GOOD.i noticed he uses these cool swirls in every picture,maybe what picasso is to cubes, jack will be to swirls!i really like the one of hamberg, the buildings are really cool.

  8. thanks Pam...I'm going to explore my options on this. Maybe that kid could MAKE US RICH! Yeah! Isn't it a fine parental tradition to sponge off one's kids???

  9. Yeah--Sherilin, what freaks me out is that he's been drawing things in "3-D" for a while. I asked Jon one day; "uh...when is it that a kid USUALLY learns to draw in 3-D in school???"

    His loopy-loop style of colouring is all him. By the way, I dig your daughter's drawings too, and love her blog.

  10. Aw, Melissa! That went right to my crusty black heart! You can indeed claim me as a buddy! Yes, I'm going to start getting the art world's attention.

  11. yes, thanks Alistair! Art's always been very exciting to me.

  12. Yes, Paula, that's one of my favourites too. I like it when peeps notice the swirls. It's always been his unique way of colouring.

  13. Those are so amazing!! I am speechless...
    okay I found some more words..I would totally love a print to proudly put up in my house :)
    I am tempted to pass these along to my cousin (you know the one!) these must be seen by the world. Jack has a true gift that can not ever be taught. Ben is the same age and can not draw even close to this...Perhaps Jack can open his own gallery on Queen St... :)

  14. I am really impressed. Drawing like that at 7 is incredible.

  15. yeah, that would be exciting, eh Steph? But sadly, does anybody go to Queen street yet? That's beside the point I guess...

    What's interesting is that this was a kid who REFUSED/FREAKED OUT a couple of years ago if we asked him to draw us a picture. The nursery school ladies were always moaning about his poor "fine motor skills." Suck it nursery school!

  16. He IS quite the artiste. One time I was in the same room with him while he was concentrating on a new drawing. I made the mistake of saying, "Hey Jack, you drawing another picture?" And he freaked and crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. hahaha! Very secretive. Like he draws for the ART of it... NOT for the fame.

    Seriously... if he joined an art class he would probably unleash even greater art POWER.

  17. thats so crazy about the Nusery school! Wow!
    It is a true gift he has!

  18. His art should be shared. Most enjoyable.

  19. yes Aim--I'm looking into some stuff, and I'll try signing him up to that local childrens' art course, though it will be a BATTLE!!!

  20. thank you to the two Anonymous readers who popped in!

  21. He has AMAZING talent!
    You must be a very very proud mom :-)

  22. He is sooo Talented! wow! What a gift! Art is such a great outlet too to express yourself, it really is free therapy for life! :)

  23. jd, that is an excellent way of viewing art. You are so right. Writing is good like that too! Thanks

  24. oh my gosh! I am so impressed, but totally not surprised. Kelsey draws alllll the time, and used to get a little in trouble for it in school. She is also extremely talented and original, just like Jack here. I am digging those circles! Kelsey really only draws one type of scene also, over and over, many variations, but she won't budge. Her drawings are also very busy. If I can get my scanner working, I should post them. There must be something about Aspie kids and drawing with such talent!

    Go Jack!

  25. Yes Danielle--DO post some! That would be great! What does Kelsey like to draw all the time? It is pretty much the same stuff for Jack all the time, but once in a while he'll do something away from his usual stuff.

  26. Amazing - just beautiful. His lines and dimensions are exquisite. Little man is a genius.

    Sarah xxx


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