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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Warning: RANT-O-RAMA

Okay, so I'm mildly obsessive compulsive, right?  We've established this I suppose, in Creature of Habit, amongst other things.  It's SOOTHING to do the same things day in, day out, day in, day out.  It may be tedious, and tiresome, but it's SOOTHING AND NECESSARY just the same. 

So, whenever I get the chance, and the kids aren't on the computer, I;

a) check my hotmail
b) check facebook

c) check my blog

Lather, rinse, repeat. 

So, last night, the kids had gone to bed, and it was finally KAREN TIME.  So, I

a) logged into hotmail...

a) TRIED to log in to hotmail, and was met with THIS charming message:

Your account has been blocked

This was followed by a whole bullsh*tty explanation of how it appears my account has been hacked and used to send spam.  Well, no sh*t SHERLOCK.  Ask anyone who has had a hotmail account for any length of time.  That thing will eventually become INFILTRATED with junk mail, spam, and filth mail. 

I'm well aware that whether I liked it or not, my hotmail was sending out messages to my sister, Dad, and The Man faithfully, about how they all could enlarge their penises.  My sis, dad, and man were the only three people in my messenger contact list.  I had long ago wiped out my address book, and sent email to friends either by remembering their addresses, or keeping a message from them in my inbox. 

So, MSN assured me that they had cleaned up my account (gee, thanks--like a good friend stopped by and vacuumed or something), and all I had to do to reactivate my account was to send them my cellular phone number, and they would happily text me an activation code within mere minutes. 

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...

I went through my stages of grief:

*angry, teeth-grinding acceptance, peppered with loathing and bitterness

Ah!  That was REFRESHING. 
I've had that email address for about 15 years.  I had some really cute pictures that my dad had emailed me saved in there.  Super duper fun pictures like this one:

My little Jack at 18 months

LUCKILY, they are not the only copies. 

So, I was very whiny.  I said to The Man that I am SICK of only bad things ever happening.  I'm SICK of bad luck!  NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS, I lamented.  He said that I "tend to focus on the negative things."

Then I said "divorce" THREE TIMES, and POOF! He disappeared. 

I kid, of course.

Seriously though, technology BITES.  I had a whole diskette cram-packed with my poetry.  And then one day the disk sh*t itself.  Luckily I have those poems here there and everywhere on little scraps of paper, but do I have all of them?  Maybe not. 

The computer has had a few good viruses.  Luckily I didn't lose anything truly important, but that too sucked large. 

I can think of at least a few people whose little gizmo self-destructed, and they lost tons and tons of photos. 

See?  Suckorama.  This is where I talk like an old fogey and whine about how much better things were before we put them on disks, and saved them in our ipods and phones, etc. 

So, here's to you MSN!  Thanks for being NOT HELPFUL AT ALL.  Thanks for shutting down so many hotmail users with neither a warning, nor a good explanation, and offering them no way to get their files back.  Thanks for opening that great umbrella of arrogance over your banner, and reserving the right to shut down any one, at any time, with no explanation needed whatsoever. 

You guys suck.  Cheers to GOOGLE. 

And so endeth this rant. 


  1. That wasn't a very long rant.

  2. This rant was a total page-turner. Well, sorta. There were no pages to turn but still. It was.

  3. well thank you DBS...there's a fine line between being entertaining, and just being tedious. I hate change! I had to pause and think before I logged into blogger this morning.

    Do you hear me, people--PAUSE, AND THINK!

    We all know thinking is bad.


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