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Sunday, March 13, 2011

She Tried It, SHE LIKED IT!

The Tired Gourmet : Mac & Cheese ~ Lazy Style

As some of you may know, I love to dabble with different recipes from time to time. 


I'm lazy.

So, I like to take foods I really love, and find a way to kick the A$$ out of prep time (and take some really ridiculous photies along the way).  That's what I did with one of my favourite meals:  Mac & cheese; the ultimate comfort food.


I'm lazy.  Very lazy. 

Therefore, was I going to put in the effort to make the bechemal sauce??? 

And then something exciting happened!  My friend B. over at Say YES or else!! actually decided to be a GUINEA PIG and try making one of my concoctions.  And she liked it!  And she took FUN PICTURES!  Check her out!  She's very witty, and also very angsty, and she's had some hella fun posts.  Go see!  Go see! 


(the few recipes I have so far can always be found on the left side bar of the blog. Just scroll on down...)

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