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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woo hoo! I'm 630!

YES!  I'M IN 630TH PLACE!!!!!

Ha ha, okay, in case you happened to notice that "Top Mommy  Blog" badge on my sidebar there, with some simpering "oh, please vote for meeeee!" type message, it's because I'm trying to...well...oh forget it.  My own pandering is making me cringe.

Anyhow, when I joined the Top Mommy Blogs site, I searched my own blog and saw that my rank was 1053. 


Okay, calm down karen, old kid, old sock--you only JUST linked up with them.  Where did ya think you'd be?

Then I checked again the next day....1055.  Ooo.  That mildly blows. 

Then I checked again two days later and I was 650.  Holy, that seemed like a pretty good leap. 

And today?!?  YEAH!  630TH PLACE!!  I'm on FI-YAH!

Ha ha ha.  Seriously though, if you click on that badge, it gives me a "vote," even if you don't see my blog when it links you to the Top Mommy home page.  IF you don't see my blog???  Er, no, you will NOT see it.  You will, however, see some other great blogs who are way, way far down the list from me, so you can check THEM out if you like. 

Okay, that's enough of that annoyingness.  I just thought my 'rank' was mildly hilarious.  I'll go away now. 

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  1. ha karen congrats!

    as per the last commenter on your last post, I don't think it is breaking their spirit as much as breaking the will.

    with all the shenanigins my daughter #2 put us through, she has no broken spirit, trust me on that one.

    and of all kids YES with my loud freaking out and profanity she should have a broken spirit, but, alas nope, she is a tough nut.

    Now the last born, you look at him funny and he is crushed in his spirit.. with is a whole new story!

  2. way to go, girlfraaanndd! that's big progress, even if the actual number isn't amazingly impressive. YET!

  3. will...spirit...potato, potahto...

    Ha ha, no, I get what you mean. Ah, maybe your youngest is most sensitive?

    har, thanks for congratulating me on my ridiculously obscure ranking.

  4. laughing...thanks Sherilin. Oh it's all silliness, but damn, THIS BLOG IS ALL I HAVE!!! Ha ha, I kid, but seriously--it is.

  5. The title of your blog is so much better than those other titles! Those others make my eyes bleed, then glaze over in boredom. imho anyway.

  6. i agree with matt, i like the title. i have an issue with blogs with "mom" in the name. not that i don't read, follow & like some of them, but come on, is that all you have? is that all you are? i like to think of my blog as my place to remember that i'm more than just a mom. i did exist before motherhood & i liked me! and, sometimes it's all i've got too. my world is very small these days.

  7. if i keep clicking all day will all the votes count,or only one? i will click while i'm watching the simpsons,that should bring up the rank a bit.

  8. who puts MOM in the blog name? is that all they have?

  9. Oh Matt, you worded it just right to warm the cynical cockles of my heart.

  10. WORD, SHERILIN. This whole blogging thing? It's MY CORNER, and yeah, I used to love writing before the kids, and only just freaking remembered how much.

  11. Gee Paula, I don't know, but I feel all warm and squashy inside just from you suggesting it. I know! I'll SEARCH myself and see! Yeah, as if I don't obsessively search my blog in there a zillion times a day anyway. Lousy compulsions.

  12. tons of women, apparently, Melissa--it was, and wasn't kinda surprising. Link on over and check it out.

  13. I think I actually just enjoy adding doodads to my blog, moreso than being ranked/rated. I just found out that I could put a button my sidebar with a link so random peeps could "rate my blog"! This is more fun than filling up my 6th grade sticker album!

  14. you are at 312 this morning!


  15. Yup. 312. Ridin' the wave of creativity, yes you are! Remember to use all that power for good and not evil. lol who am I kidding?!?

  16. How about a 50-50 split, Matt? SOUNDS LIKE BALANCE TO ME!

  17. you're clawing your way to the top with astonishing speed!

  18. clawing is right! Like I said, writing is ALL I HAVE--WAAAA, WAAAA, WAAA...okay, I like to make cakes too, but can't do THAT often or else, well, my pants will tell you what will happen.


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