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Monday, March 14, 2011

YES! I'M #200!

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YES!!!  I'M IN 200TH PLACE!  I'm on PAGE 8!  I'm CLAWING my way up the ladder one rung at a time!  YEAH!  WOO-HOO!  YIPPEE!


Why do I care? 

Okay, yeah--I don't know. 

There's really no "prize" other than an inflated EGO, I guess.  Still, you guys are right on, and thanks for all the clickety clicks in my honour.  Seriously--if I didn't have so much fun with y'all in the blog world, I'd be forced to wash the sheets and towels.  BOO YAH!

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  1. who washes sheets and towels anyways?

  2. apparently not I, Melissa. I did get as far as bundling it up to go to the basement today. That's one small step for mankind, one giant leap for karen.

  3. Jill, you're not supposed to be clicking for me, you're supposed to save your clicken' finger for yourself! Wait, that sounds really rude. Still, your selflessness just made me feel like something of a douche. Aww :)

  4. yay!! thats so awesome :)

  5. can we vote more than once? i didn't know if that would work or not, so i just went & voted again, using my daughter's email address.

  6. Sherilin, giant loser that I am, I spent a good five minutes clicking on the link over ang over again on my behalf. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that is pathetic. So, if you're truly inclined (though you need not, fellow MOM BLOGGER), you can click it, close the link, click it, close it, click it again.

  7. The one night I clicked it a good 50 times. haha! I want to see you in the top 10 SO BAD!

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ... then what will I do? Oh, it's a page-turner all right!


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