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Friday, April 1, 2011

1 Minute and 47 Seconds Of Your Time

I saw this little video on Jillsmo's blog "Yeah. Good Times."

It finished me. 


  1. Have you seen Temple Grandin?

    I am sorry Karen, I am really ignorant of the autism spectrum..and I kinda get the video and what they are promoting, I kinda get some of it...not to be offensive here, but it kinda raises more questions for me.

  2. I had to look at it more than once...but what she says is contrary to what I have heard others who are adults and children, what I am saying is if you take, what all the others say,which might contradict each other, it almost makes it a harder to figure out which and what catergory of do's and don'ts and symptoms that would bother a child.

    I guess they are saying ask your kid and don't assume that, your child fits in the "box" of spectrum feelings.

  3. Smart. I love how this points out that everyone is "trapped in there."

  4. Yeah, me too Melisssa! This is a video made by Autistic people (adults specifically) who have created their own site about "rethinking Autism." The basic idea is that while the paretns are running around like headless chickens doing everything to "fix" their autistic children, the Autistic children are telling us that they're fine with the way they are, and resent being considered broken people, essentially. It's interesting food for thought. Also it echoes thoughts I've had at times...lamenting that Jack doesn't want to have a bday party, but why do I care if he doesn't???

    yes, I have seen Temple!

  5. there's a sort of debate going on between parents and adults with Autism. The Autistic adults want us to rethink the way we look at Autism. What's difficult as a parent is that, if there is something that is potentially harmful to your child (ie; a built-up of toxic metals in their sytem), then yeah, you want to fix that, the same way you would if a child needed their hip joint fixed. But then these people are saying "stop trying to change me, I am who I am" which is valid too! However, if autism is increasing by negative impact on the environment, why wouldn't we all try to work toward fixing this problem???

  6. that being said, it makes some interesting points about how we as parents can turn it into an "all about ME" thing at times.

  7. I've dealt with other so called "disabilities" and have learned:
    IamthatIam is true for all of us.
    My child will never fit in the box.
    My child will never fit in.
    My child will never. . .
    and I am so grateful my child was born so unique I would never be tempted to think "normal" is a good way to be. Thank you for the video - I love it : )

  8. yes, and thank you first, for watching it, and for the wonderful words of wisdom.


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