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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrating My Own Awesomeness - With Indigestion!

Now THAT my friends, is a MOTHERTRUCKING CAKE.  And, because it was my cake, dammitt, I said that anybody who doesn't like coconut can suck it.  I made it myself.  T'was DOPE. 

ooo...weird picture.  Look how you can see the after-the-candles pose as well as the ARMS RAISED FOR VICTORY SHOT.  Cool, no?

Looky-Look!  TWINS!  Somebody call Martha Stewart--2 bottles of Amaretto:  It's a GOOD THING

Where the HELL are the the TUMS...

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  1. I love coconut ! Send me the recipe unless it's difficult!

    Melissa is up to her eyeballs in junk...her bedroom is slowly being put back together .

  2. that's a weird picture there with the sort of arms up & down. freaky!
    a mothertrucking cake? does that mean mother will be trucking to the bathroom afterwards to celebrate eating too much of it?

  3. not too difficult Pam--I crafted the recipe myself.

    Ah, that explains it. She'll probably have some fun pics soon then.

  4. funny you should say, Sherilin: this was the first time in EONS I had to undo my top button this evening. My digestive system told me I'm an @$$hole.

  5. yes I am wading through junk and think I will post and don't who wants to look at my junk?

    Nice cake....can you send out the o'l ME cake recipe? I need a ME cake in the worst way!

  6. looks good, see you did have a little fun,no?

  7. I guess I'm going to have to "suck it". That won't be a problem for me.
    Your Friend, m.

  8. Okay Melissa and Pam, but it's partially my TOP SECRET CAKE RECIPE, har har har...

    I want to look at pics of your junk! Me! Me! But just think, pictures of your gorgeous transformations will look even more fabulous alongside pics of your junk, but I'm sure you know that.

  9. Yeah, Paula, despite myself it was okay, even if my family FORCED me to acknowledge my own birthday. FORCED.

  10. Hee hee hee hee Mark...

    But damn, that was some good cake.

  11. That cake looks amazing! That is a crazy pic! Gotto love those though!

  12. That cake doesn't just LOOK good, Danielle,it is STUPID GOOD.


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