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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is There A Post Missing?!?

Yes, there's a post missing. I took it down in case it was too provacative :(

What do you think?  Is a blog our personal corner to write whatever we want, or do we have to be sensitive to not offending people?  Personally, I think IF IT'S REAL, IT'S GOOD--within limits of course. 

I don't think I've offended any of YOU, my regular readers yet, but I think there's some non-regulars out there getting a little hot under the collar.  That will be the last post I delete, but in case you were looking for the half-peeled banana, he exists, but only a Word file. 


  1. I'm fn angry that you got rid of that post.

  2. yeah, wait till I email you the story.

  3. I thought it was a realistic mom story. I wasn't offended (but you know me :-)
    Sorry people pressured you.

  4. i say get over it people! do not stop being you,thats why i look foreward to reading this daily!oh yeah,even if i do not always agree with you,you still rock!

  5. oh man! i saw it pop up in my reader, but didn't have time to read it & i was just coming over now that i've got some time so i could enjoy it in peace & relative quiet, only to discover it's GONE!
    i deleted a post a couple times, but one was only months after it was first posted and to avoid the family drama that would be caused by my in-law family finding where i called them rednecks & made fun of an aunt who kept talking about my "huge titties!" and the other one was taken down because i wrote it when i was completely pissed at my mom and then sent her the link. i thought better of it later, so i edited it & reposted days later when i was calm & rational again. it involved capitalizing appropriately.

  6. oh nuts! I hate deleted posts.


    Luckily for me that story is BURNED in my brain. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. thanks Paula and Michelle. Nobody pressured me about taking it down, but in light of recent familial criticism of my blog, I figured I'd avoid that little hot bed before it could become a problem. I won't censor myself, but I don't want to write the kind of post in which it appears I'm making my kids the butt of the joke--even if I don't think that's how it looks.

  8. Ha! that's funny Sherilin! Some of my husband's family have just discovered my blog recently, and they thought I was WAY negative apparently, and since Jack is their very favourite, I don't know how they'd react to a post on circumcizion. I still have it though--it's not gone. Maybe I'll repost it one day and take a vote to see who thinks it crosses the line, and who doesn't...

  9. Like I said nerdo, it's not gone forever. It's in STORAGE ;)

  10. Stephanie..a big fan of your blog!April 4, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    I got your message...sorry I hadnt was a crazy time with my kkids rigth at my elbow...wanting to play on teh laptop...SOOO I will respond here..
    BUMMER!!!!! but I get it...I do...
    This is YOUR space though. I have known you my whole i get the impression on here that you hate your life...HECK NO! Your a mom...a stay at home mom at that! ITs a big job that has its downfalls here...YOu have had a alot going in your life the past write it in a diary hidden away...but why? You are a talented writer...with the balls to share your life stories and yay for us...we get to read them...enjoy them and share our stories too! I am sure (i know is for me anyway) My life warm and cozy knowing that there others out there who feel and go through some of the same stuff.

  11. Well thank you Steph. You've just summed up the whole reason to write. I love when everybody commiserates. It's great.


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