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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ask Crust Man

Dear Crust Man,

I find this housewife gig to be highly unfulfilling at times.  Is it ME, or does it truly suck to have to sweep the kitchen floor 20 times a day, and it still looks filthy?


- karen somethingorother

Dear Karen,

I'm hearing a lot of "bzz bzz bzzzzzzzzz".  In other words:  IRRITATING NOISE.  Is it your shtick to be a whiner, or are you really this much of a baby?  Ha ha, Crust Man gives you TOUGH LOVE, you see?  There are 2 things you can do:


2) look for the secret signs that ALL IS WELL AND RIGHT IN YOUR WORLD around the house.  You know you've seen them. 

Remember that time one of the kids dropped his pudding cup on the floor, and when you picked up the cup, you found THIS:

It's not A MESS, it's A GIFT.  Say THANK YOU.

Or how about that pepper you cut in half that time:

See?  The whole house is SCREAMING WITH JOY, while you whine. 

NOW GO DO SOME LAUNDRY!  The Man has no underpants again.

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  1. That pepper is the best! Never noticed that before. . .
    here: it won't clean the floor, but it's for YOU!!! enter this contest, post if you want, deadline to enter is 5 p.m. Wednesday:

  2. How funny! I had an underpants situation just yesterday.

  3. yeah, the pepper is funny. Okay, I'll check out your link! Thanks!

  4. Clarissa, I myself never run out of underpants. I have so many in my drawer that it's NEVER an emergency. Now, if only the rest of my family would get on board, I figure I wouldn't need to do laundry for even longer.

  5. I checked out your link Christina, but I'm in Canada, YO.

  6. This could very well be the funniest thing in the universe. Difficult to test that theory, however. Ask me again after an eternity of testing and observation.

  7. OR, I'll just ask you again on the next Crustman installment, or, you can ask him yourself!

    That pudding mess was not doctored. Weird, eh?

  8. i like that you took pictures of the weird food & mess items occurring in your kitchen. i do that so often that brooke now gets the camera out when i tell her to come look at that potato that's shaped like a heart. or the holes in the middle of the loaf of bread are shaped like a face.
    but have you seen jesus in your toast yet?

  9. I haven't seen Jesus anywhere Sherilin. I think I've been officially shunned :)

    Yeah, you have to keep that camera HANDY because you never know when there's a truly artistic piece of cake waiting to be snapped.


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