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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I can't stand it.

I am dying, dying, DYING, to be out at the garden centres happily browsing through the aisles, reading all the nice little tags on the perrenials and annuals, and buying little plants to put in my window boxes, pots and my gardens.  It's making me crazy. 

coreopsis, blanket flower, begonias

And my car is on the fritz.

rose of sharon

And the kids and The Man are out for the day.

stunning gladiola
 And, I'm walking around like a 98 year old woman, because my lungs are still so crammed with pestilence, that I can barely climb the stares without wheezing and hacking.

But I love gardening now!  Waaa!  I FREAKING LOVE IT!  I want to have my hands in the soft, cool dirt.

pink lilies!  What a find!
 So, I was just on the computer doing all this research on clematis vines, and good companion plants to shade their roots when they're planted, because clematis like lots of sun, but also want their feet shaded.  Do you care? 

And I was looking up good ground cover to plant at the base of an Amur Privet hedge for my brother, and stumbled upon this website about "steppable" ground covers--you know; they're all soft and pretty and you can walk on them sometimes?  And some of them even release yummy nummy scents if you step on them, like "Corsica Mint."  And then my brain exploded a little bit, because suddenly I imagined filling in shady spots in my back yard with lovely, woodsy, dainty steppable ground covers like Creeping Thyme...
blanket flower

...koff, koff, koff!!!!!

blue morning glory...looking for white this year...

And I am going crazy, because I am a FLOWERAHOLIC!!! 

Do you know what really set me off recently?  ALAINA'S POST.  Alaina (Arbor House Lane), did a post with some pics of her garden, and how it will look in a few weeks with all her gorgeous flowers.  She has all these beautiful, beautiful bushes covered in little white flowers.  And I just learned that they're called "Bridal Wreath Spirea."  And then I lost my mind. 

Ah well.  I'll just have to be patient.  I guess I'll just go take another look at the freaking avocado pits I've been hovering in water for FREAKING AGES NOW.  When I had guacamole a while back, I careful cut the avocados open so as not to damage the pits so I can grow my own avocado tree and... okay, okay, you're not a plant nut like me.  But oh how sick I am of having to stop and look at those two stupid pits for any new signs of change.  JUST SPLIT THE F*CK OPEN ALREADY so I can stop thinking about you!!!

I'm also growing little poppy seedlings in a grow starter peet pellet tray thingy.  Sigh! 

Guess I'll go pull some weeds.

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  1. those window boxes are lurvly! i myself ,can love a garden,as long as i do not have to weed it!

  2. Thank you very much for mentioning me. I hope you feel better.

  3. i love avocado pits. they just look so pretty & inviting when you cut one open & there's the pretty brown pit looking all shiny & inviting & you just want to caress it and perhaps lick it.
    damn, i shouldn't blog comment when i've been drinking.
    i love gardening too, but i'm not that good at it. also, hyacinth bean vines are the prettiest climbing vine i've found & they give flowers for months. google it. you'll like it.
    i will now go have another glass of wine.

  4. Everything looks gorgeous!
    Your Friend, m.

  5. I love those morning glories.
    sheesh you are funny. I love reading your posts. they make my day.

    My yard is so overgrown, it is up to my knees. no time to get out side.

  6. Well, would you die to get over to my yard and plant for me!!!

  7. Well thankyou Paula. Those are all tantalizing pics from last summer. But, it's what I want! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Weeding can be a real pain. That's why mulch is a friend.

  8. I had to, Alaina! I've been yapping about your flowers to everyone who's listening, and it's all I've been thinking of! Clearly I have a problem.

  9. Sherilin, you've made my day. Please send more drinky replies whenever the mood strikes you. Actually, it makes me a bit jealous. No drinkies for me this weekend, because I have no idea how alcohol interacts with ibuprofin. Anyone? Anyone?

    Yeah, the avocado pit is strangely, smoothly, sensually appealing. Just wait till it turns into a slightly ugly tree!

  10. Are you still super busy Melissa??? Not more dr.'s appointments I hope. I sent you an email a couple weeks back about that--did you get it? I was just sending my best wishes and hoping everything's okay

    p.s. morning glories are fabulous

  11. oh yes, Daniele. That would be FUN. It would be a reason to buy even more plants when I have no more room at my own place.

  12. just a thought: start now indoors from seed. it's fun, encouraging and you'll be able to say, "I grew this from seed!" the kids will love it, too. got a tomato? take out a seed - anything will do - have fun!!!

  13. I worked in a greenhouse when I was a teenager and ever since then...well, let's just say I feel what you're feeling.

  14. yup, that's what I've been doing, christina. It's almost tiding me over. Almost.

  15. ooooooo...dbs! You probably have ALL KINDS OF PLANT KNOWLEDGE! I loves me some plant knowledge!!!

  16. it's like the new drunk dialing/texting. now there's drunk commenting! hooray for a new way to make yourself look foolish!
    btw, drinks w/ the ibuprof is just fine.
    maybe i'll have a couple more tonight. we've been out walking & hunting for bears in the woods all day & then doing the tourist shit & swimming, so now i'm ready to relax & get stupit. =)

  17. waaaaait a're on vacation, aren't you! ANd you're still in blog land! You're as bad as I. Still, sounds like a nice, nice time.

  18. yup, vacationing & blog stalking. cuz it wouldn't be as relaxing if i didn't have internet. and if i have internet, i'm going to blog. it's required.

  19. you are so, so right. It is required.


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