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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh EFF, why do I care???

My hoots really hurt.  I'd step on someone's head for a BIG MAC right now.  I have a little bit of PMS, but mostly I've been MOLLIFIED BY THE SUPPLEMENT.  Come on--you're not impressed by the wonders of modern...erm....quackery?  I now take an over the counter PMS/hormone balancing supplement, and instead of 2 weeks of I WANT TO RIP HIS HEAD OFF, AND I'LL RIP YOURS OFF WHILE I'M AT IT, I have a mere few days of emotional badness! 

it's a miracle people. 

Anyhoo, this is what I'm pondering tonight:  this slightly obnoxious badge that I toss onto the end of every post?  The one which is basically me grovelling for votes to get ahead in the great MOM BLOG race?  I wonder if I should leave it up there or not.  Hrm...must ponder...

See, I'm a MOM, and I BLOG, but am I a MOM BLOGGER?  is that all incidental?  Can you have one without the other? 

Anyhow, I'm tired.  I went for groceries, made a rather nice chicken chili (chilli? Not Chile...) dinner with guacamol√©, and hummus (not that the hummus fits, but it's DOPE) on the side.  I watched a bit of some horrible Scooby Doo movie with my daughter, put both kids to bed, made sure they brushed their little square teeth, read the same freaking story about the girl with the bird stuck in her knotted hair again, and now here I sit cramming multigrain tortilla chips (Oh Blessed Mother of Salt), while I think about whether or not it makes a difference if I ever make it onto PAGE 1 or not...

in the meantime, let's dance! 

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  1. isn't it past your bedtime? don't you hate brushing kids teeth? did you save me any guac or hummus? i could make a meal out of dip. but then i'd need you to brush my square little teeth too.

  2. i love that song, i can relate, the war of quiting an addiction.wonder what his is.kieran thinks its a 'nice song yup'.

  3. ..meanwhile, excellent song choice. Truly. Listened to it 3x in a row while I folded laundry. Oooh, how angst-filled and rebellious I am. Still, thanks for cheering me up via music, not that you were really in the mood to do cheering.

    Bottom line, thanks.

  4. Sherilin, it SO was past my bed time. I felt like a naughty child and I LURVED IT. I'm a little tired today though, thanks for asking.

    After guac and hummus, mere teeth brushing does nothing. That's okay though. I'd like to take a bath in hummus.

  5. maybe his addiction is FAME. YES, that sounds good, I'll make it my own. It actually is a nice song. I mean, nobody's being invited to ride anyone's disco stick, so it's family friendly!

  6. angst filled and rebellious Matt-aren't we all. What are we rebelling against--the slow decay and disappearance of the youthful SELF that we thought was our fixed identity?

  7. I was recently in a contest and I dropped out. It turned out to be a big popularity contest and had nothing to do with the content of my Blog at all. And although I was in the lead, I suspected cheating by people refreshing their browsers and voting again. Also, I know for a fact that one of them was using multiple computer labs to catch up to me. So I wrote to the Administrator of the site and asked them to drop me.
    Take care of yourself.

  8. Song is WICKED. But I knew THAT. I've been listening to that song since before you were BORN. ;) hehe *cough* After all, I am the MASTER of good tunes these days.

  9. Yes, Mark, I read your post on that. Hm...not surprising, but sad just the same. Well, we'll see where this all goes.

  10. yes, yes, Nerdo. The Master of good tunes. All hail my sister.

  11. Dude - (ette) -
    "If the game is designed for you to lose, play a diffferent game." - Seth Godin
    F the Blogger thing. I've gone through a lot of the blogs on there, and without aiming to offend anyone's blog (so therefore I won't name any - cuz they've done way better rank wise than me, duh) most of them are suck a** stuff about things I could care less about it. They are not remarkable, and not everyone has fun - like you. There is a single mom blog I follow that is HUGE and it sucks to me - but I'm amazed by her popularity - and her realism - and some of the stuff people love. I have a second blog for single moms and I would love to offer you to post one of your funnies - because you are hilarious - if you want to. You are the only blogger I can think of that if I asked, "would your write a post about how nice it must be to NOT be married?" even though I welcome you adding how much you adore the Man and how lucky he is etc. - no worries. But the entire blog is to uplift the spirt and humor of solo MamaHood - Let me know, sister. P.(M)S. - you ROCK and I love your writing.

  12. thanks Christina. I would love to write a post for your other blog. Just tell me what to do, and I'm there.

    Yeah...I'm not going to get into the catty beyotch game but I too am amazed at some of the more "popular" stuff. And that's enough on that before I reveal myself for the SOUR GRAPES JERK that I am.

  13. just grab my email from my profile here, and send me details if ya's like.

  14. ...and with submissions to Christina's blog, you are officially syndicated! Don't you feel more official and established already?

  15. ah, but I haven't submitted yet...
    and do I feel more established and what not? Not quite yet, Matt...not quite yet...Still, I like writing, and I like chatting with you guys, so that's the main thing.


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