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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

tulip fields
tulip fields of the northern Netherlands (image from HERE)

Dutch tulips
tulip fields of northern Holland (image from HERE)

tulip fields in the netherlands (image from HERE)

image from HERE

From land to land; and in my breast

Spring wakens too; and my regret

Becomes an April violet,

And buds and blossoms like the rest.

-From "Spring" by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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  1. Awesome photos Karen!

    How you are having a Wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

  2. Tulips are my favourite flower. Those pictures were wicked!

    But what is more wicked???

    Getting a call back from my sister gone m.i.a.

  3. Those are almost painfully beautiful.

  4. AWE, just beautiful. How can you not be happy after looking at that!

  5. Happy Mother's Day! These are amazing!!!!

  6. yeah, aren't they great, Pam? It was a great day today! The weather was gorgeous!!! Hope you had a great day too.

  7. okay, okay Nerdo--I called! I wasn't being deliberately BAD. And as for the pictures: wicked, indeed!

  8. and so beautiful they seem almost fake, wouldn't you agree, MG?

  9. yes, exactly Melissa! That's my new challenge for myself: to find something inspiring every Sunday to kind of start the new week. I know, you just fainted...

  10. Sadness wrapped in beauty. An organized explosion for the eye. I don't care if I sound corny.

  11. those are wonderful pictures. they make my eyes happy. i especially love the one with the red tulips all up in close to them. they're my fav.
    happy mother's day! =)


    I love the depth of color. LOVE!

  13. Those are amazing!
    Makes me want to do some abstract paintings :)

  14. Matt, an organized explosion for the eye sounds WAY COOL, or it'll be the name for your coffee table book. Whatever.

  15. yeah Ms. Suniverse! There still are a few pockets of the world that haven't turned in to total suck pits yet!

  16. good thought Lady E...I wonder what those would look like hung up on a agriculture-ish? Maybe...

  17. Karen, those photos are amazing. I never really pictured, in my mind, how tulips were farmed. But like everything these days, it's such a business. I guess I was thinking, like an idiot, that they were raised freely in fields and picked by milkmaids with wooden shoes.
    Your Friend, m.

  18. Well Mark, what an idyllic image you had in your mind then. Yeah, I never really thought about the business side of it either. Still, what amazing farms, no?

  19. Sherilin, I missed your comment on here somehow! Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day as well, though judging by your post it sounded like you did :) I loved the red tulips pic too. But then, I'm a flower fanatic.

  20. Those are all flowers?! I have never seen anything like it! What I would give to see a flower in the first place (thanks weather), let alone be surrounded by so many in a field. Thanks for the cheerful images on a terrible, terrible day.

  21. well, you're very welcome, Ava. The weather here has been hideous for so, so long! But suddenly this past week has been warm and sunny. I swear three weeks ago I had a scarf on though.


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