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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

Sappy hallmark-esque but really cute image from HERE

Aw, karen is clearly very sentimental tonight, so you can SHUT IT!

My 7 year old little guy has a crush.  She's a friend of the next door neighbour girls.  She's ten years old, tall for her age and in grade 5.  And Jack talks about her every day.  Every day, when one of the girls from next door is rollerblading/running/biking past our house, or playing in her front or back yard, Jack asks;

"Who's coming to your house today?" 
"Is Lacie [name has been changed] coming today?"
"Is your friend coming to your house today?"

Tonight she was finally there.  Jack's delight was nearly palpable.  He did all the silly things we do when we're thrilled:  he talked too loud, he made extra good jokes, he made sure  to write "I am cool" on the driveway with coloured chalk.  So, I took a good look at this girl too.  Nice girl... a bit of a tomboy...much taller than the other girls...brown hair in a pony tail...cute freckled face, infectious cloud-free, sunshiny smile. 

When I was 4, there were two brothers I knew, not much older.  One of them was annoying, and could flip his eyelids inside out.  The other one was kind, and quiet and his name was Colin. 

So, tonight I invite you to remember way back to the first person you ever had a crush on.  Way back before you could ever be heartbroken by this crush.  Way back to those days when you played outside from morning till dusk.  When you had bare feet for an entire summer, and a live grasshopper sitting comfortably on his stick in the jar in your room (holes punched in the lid, of course).  When you ate freezies, and petted fuzzy caterpillars, and held little flowers up under someone's chin to see if the yellow glow revealed whether or not they loved butter.

Take that feeling and hold on to it.  It's one of the nicest things about living. 



  1. Jack with a crush - THAT is adorable!
    He is cool - see, he's been listening to you.
    I forgot about the dandelions! Great memory - oh, and he hit me in the head with a plastic rifle (by accident) in kindergarten. He was tough, short, funny and a great smile. Didn't take that silly kindergarten teacher too seriously, like me, either. Maybe that's where it all started-Get Dirty, Have Fun-makes sense. Now I'm thinking to google - just to see if he's still breathing. If he turned out to be a hunter I will be laughing!

  2. ahh summer as a kid...the good ol days, just friends, hide and seek,playing "charlies angels" on our bikes and of course the "mr turtle pool" now thats good times!i hope my kids have as many great memories of summer. i do remember my first crush, i was 5, and he was a cute sweet blonde boy named George. thats pretty much it, that is all i remember about him, oh and his brother had lice that year, but that is alot less romantic.

  3. first summer crush was a boy named Peter...hahahaha

  4. see? These early days of time being mostly meaningless come with some of the best memories. What a nice story, Christina.

  5. His brother had LICE! ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha! I had lice in grade 1 Still--very sweet story. And then these first crushes just POOF--disappear.

  6. Paula--we used to play Dukes of Hazzard. But then, maybe that was a bit later. OH, I did have a pair of bionic woman running shoes once, and I was convinced they made me faster.

  7. Oh Steph, you're hilarious. Was that your very first crush???

  8. yup...perhaps becasue he lived teh closest to us...that wasnt related. the crush last a long time...until he moved to NS...i was heart broken and Beam used to roll her eyes at me and call him a return, she had a crush on my Unle (who rented teh upstairs apartment in my 'rents house)
    Silly girls we were
    Do know I have to FORCE ben to get outside and play?? AND i actually had to convince him that he was NOT going to melt if he played outside inteh rain (no thunder and lightening...just rain) I want him to have awesome summer time memories. BUT then there is also that part of me, that says, no Ben, you can not walk aroud the corner to your friends house...its too far....Geez! I am such a bummer! At what point do I allow this...when i was his age, we wre walking to Golds every other day!

  9. I know Steph--it's that fine line between motherly paranoia, and wanting kids to have fun. They are not that interested in going outside any more. TV always has cartoons on, and the computer is always available. And video games? I haven't let my kids get into that yet--mostly because they have TREMENDOUS RAGE.

    Uncle Bear! I'd forgotten about that. How charming. Or would you spell it "Bare"...or "Bar"...

  10. ooo, right on! Looking forward to your new site.

  11. Just getting caught up from a hellish week at work, so sorry for all my late comments. It's like speaking once the party's over and everyone's gone home. oh, well.

  12. I'm still here Matt! I'M STILL HERE!!! No problem. I was wondering where you were insofar as your comments are just so enjoyable. You and Paula are a scream.


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