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Friday, June 17, 2011

Who Cares HOW You Got Here, As Long As You're Here

You know what's super fun?  Checking out the "stats" section of my blog.  This section tells me how many "page views" I've had, the demographic of who is reading my shtuff, as well as the various search engines used to find me.  What's nice is that some overly kind peeps have me on their 'blog roll,' and this means people visiting  their blog might spot me and come on over and have a read. 

My favourite part of this stats page though, is the 'search terms' sub-section.  These, of course, are the words peeps clack into their computer which can sometimes inadvertently lead them to Ow, my angst. 

Search Keywords

1) "ow my angst"  : these keywords have been used 20 times this week, according to the stats-o-matic

2) "love for each other my sister my brother"  :  Aw!  That's NICE!  Let's have a GROUP HUG!  .....still...I wonder what the 2 people who keyed that in thought when they ended up HERE...

3) "big flying ant":  (2 peeps) Yup, this is a regular search thingy, I'm afraid, according to what I've seen here in stats land.  However, it's nice to know that others are suffering these REPULSIVE monsters and it's not just me.  Sniff!  You're not alone, karen.  You are NOT alone. 

4) "clarissa toilet paper and paper towel environment":
!  SOMEBODY OUT THERE is caring enough about the environment to realise it's ONLY BUTT WIPE, NOT A FREAKING BLANKET.  Yeah, that's right; I'm pointing my finger right at y'all

Remember when I did my post on environmentally friendly asswipe, and you guys were all; "oh I don't know, karen--I can't give up my cottony, cashmere, baby-blanket softness.  My BUM BUM will CRY if I do!  Waaa!  WAAAA!  WAAAAAAAAA!"   That's right.  That's what you said, and that's EXACTLY how you said it. 

Fine. I'll continue to use my thin, no-frills, no pillow-softness toilet paper proudly, even if a finger does tend to punch through from time to time. 

5) "funny things little boys do":  I'll have to get Jack back into his armpit symphony.  It was highly entertaining

6) "I have PMS and maybe aspergers":  Sweet mother of pancakes--someone is having a REALLY bad day.

7) "":  this is truly amazing!  Someone out there knows my blog url.  This is amazing because I still do not.

8) "kids won't stop fighting":  welcome to it, sister.  Welcome to it. 

9) "ow, my angst":  lookee!  Someone's even got the comma in there!  Oh wait...that was probably ME...googling myself again.  I'm so ashamed.
10) "pictures of flying ant bites":  let's not go there people, or I'll never sleep again.  Bad enough that the bastards were in my freaking bedroom.  Worse if they were actually landing on me like I was a giant buffet.


ahem.  Have a good weekend! 


  1. when i type in 'ow,my angst' for some reason 'ow my balls' always comes up. maybe i ought to have a looksee maybe its a good read;).

  2. Lucky you, I don't even know how to read my Stats. Although after reading your post, maybe I don't want to. m.

  3. You're so frickin' hilarious, I think you're killing me! I don't remember how I found this blog. Wait, maybe it was tmb... but can't be too sure. Whatever. I'm just disappointed that I wasn't special or creative enough to grab your attention via your stats. I should get to work on that right now!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. That is hilarious!
    All roads lead to Karen, and cheese sandwiches, Hitler art, ants, screaming, PMS laundry, Canada, rock and roll, wedding Doritos and more -
    YOU have changed the internet, thank goodness someone with a sense of humor is on the case!!!!
    Move over Dear Abbey and family - Karen has going it on!!!
    first comment had typos sorry : )

    (my funniest STAT search term: Assoholic)

  6. i found your blog through a comment you left at absolutely narcissism.
    aren't the stats fun? but mine aren't fun like yours. mine are about looking like sh*t or having gross abs. oh and demi moore. ever since i posted that one pic of her a year ago, i've been getting a gazillion hits from it.

  7. I thought all roads lead to Beamsville...

  8. PAULA!!! YES!!!! I've seen this link for sore balls myself! Why do I keep passing it up? I'd better have a look too.

  9. Why, Mark? Your stats are probably JUST FINE.

  10. Hey Steph: how cute was your little caveman at the recital? Lurved it.

  11. but Jinnie...I don't know if my stats reveal what blogs check me out?!? I could be missing some vital info. Thanks for the nice words, and thanks for joining the fun! I'm looking forward to checking our your blog. I too am insanely cranky when hungry.

  12. ASSOHOLIC! Christina, that kills me.

    Thanks--and hey, I forgot about Doritos! And to think I was just enjoying some minutes ago...

  13. You did, Sherilinnie? Heart, heart! Oh yes, I remember the derogatory search terms that lead people to YOUR door. Completely unfair, if you ask me.

  14. lol Matt. Lol. Didn't you see the picture? They lead to MOI.

  15. Recently, someone found my blog by searching "how to draw a butt chin." I like that one.

  16. dbs: someone couldn't figure out how to draw one? Still, excellent PATHWAY TO YOU!

  17. My husband thought I was nuts when I was reading this because I burst out laughing at the PMS/Asperger's chick. Bad day indeed.

  18. yeah! Talk about keywords from hell! My eyes widened when I read that part too!

  19. Why have you dropped to #215???

  20. Because nobody votes for me, SNIFF! Also, I got tired of heckling for votes, and have reverted back to my que sera, sera attitude. Also, I became disenchanged with a lot of the blogs that are near the top of the list--not all of them, but a lot of them. I don't think they have good content, but they have POPULARITY, so their minions vote them up to the top of the ladder.


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