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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clearly I don't know what I'm doing in BLOG LAND


I'm doing some sort of blog hop linky something something.  I think that this means that I'm on a list of blogs in a directory at Bloggy Moms and peeps can see that directory and vote for my blog.

or something.

It may also mean that I'm supposed to hop around and vote for other blogs.

There's a problem with this though:


Well geez, what the f*ck?  Am I so altruistic that I'm going to be happy just to see a bunch  of other peeps win?  AGAIN?  If I want to do that, I'll link on over to Top Mommy Blogs and see just how much I'm sucking, har har.

Anyhoo, I'd like to think that I'm tech savvy, but I'm not.  The Man told me not too long ago that I'm only "book smart."  Isn't he precious.  Okay, so, I'll post some link thing at the bottom, and what's supposed to happen is a list of other blogs will pop up.  That's the guess.

Good luck, karen--it could be the most ridiculous blog hop ever :)


  1. Too many options always produces intense fear!

  2. Funny! I still don't understand completely what a blog hop is....sad.

  3. you can grow hydrangeas in ontario????????? i thought it would be too cold.

    we could not grow them in alberta, never saw any....weird.

  4. I'll narrow it down for you then Laoch: just choose ME! Done, and done. Or were you talking about me trying to set up my own linky thing....

    either way, just choose me. That's the ticket.

  5. Neither do I, Clarissa, and I signed up for it!

    Ah well.

  6. Melissa, it gets insanely tropical here in summer, so I guess that helps. Too dry in Alberta, maybe?

  7. Besides that insanely cute Play-doh figurine you have on Bloggy Moms, I think your posts are great and so funny. Glad to connect with you on Bloggy Moms. Yes, I'll take a cup of coffee to go too :) Love your coffee pot button.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  8. did choose you, and they told me it was an error totally frustrating!!!!

  9. thank you very much Barbara :) That playdoh finger is the result of being bored with my daughter one day.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week too. I look forward to checking out your blog, because I SUPER LOVE Español

  10. so Christina, they told you that liking me was an ERROR? HA! IT'S AN OMEN!

  11. Karen Darling, We are two peas in a pod and absolutely fabulous... I ADORE your button!! Cups Up! xoxo

  12. 'Books smart'. heheh.

  13. I'm on vacay, so pardon my spelling errors and slow reaction time.

  14. why thank you Ms Caffeine! I guess both of us couldn't believe how hilarious that retro coffee lady was when we first read it.

    Damn. Now I wish I were drinking coffee.

  15. Ah yes Matt! Vacay! Are you and Paula having a nice week? No, I'm not asking if the kids are--every summer day is a party for kids.

  16. I've also noticed that you have 78 members! Is that good or pathetic in blog land? Sorry for my ignorance. You should have a virtual party once you hit 100.

  17. It's great Matt, because I'm always excited when anyone new decides to tolerate me :) There are some blogs with ridiculous numbers of followers though.


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