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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maybe It's The Vodka Talking....

not my picture, but it's in my garden.

Today I got it. 

I got why people like summer.  I've always been a complainer; a hater of the heat, detester of the humidity.  But there I was just now, in my back yard, shaded by the linden and the maple trees, with a breeze blowing across the neighbouring yards.  The kids were in the "hundred dollar pool" as they used to call it, and a few of the neighbourhood kids were in there too. 

Some of them were swimming and some were jumping on the trampoline.  The shade kept us safe from the staggering heat and made it pleasantly warm.  My flowers are opening.  The rose of sharon is raucous with buds.  The lilies are open, and heady with mysterious tropical scent.  The blanket flowers, cone flowers and dianthus are in full bloom.  I can't wait to see what the tall flox will be like.  The grass has gone dormant because it hasn't rained in weeks. 

Sun, sun, everywhere. 

It is the most relaxing day of sitting around in bathing suits, and enjoying late dinners.  Lazy and without obligation.  And I'm lucky to be here.  Lucky to be above ground, feeling this breeze, surrounded by people I love, with friends and family. 

Some days, summer's not so bad after all. 


  1. Wait! You finally get why people like Summer? Is this your first year on the planet? ha!
    Even though your yard has a cheap pool and a trampoline like ours, your yard sounds so much more peaceful. Enjoy it! m.

  2. look at miss grumpy gus enjoying the summer!

  3. Yay! Vodka or not - so glad it was inspiring! The sun has saved so many lives : ) glad it cheered you and yours!!!!
    (I hope the Alcohol post didn't offend - we were talking about black out, car crash, world wrecking drinkers o my blog, and how they somehow manage to keep getting blind drunk and wondering what's wrong with other people)

  4. It is 100 degrees (f) (37.77 c) where I am today so I am not digging it as much as you.

  5. Yeah, but Mark--the HEAT! The FREAKING HEAT! Normally I can't deal with it.

  6. Sherilin, you're hilarious, and once again, BANG ON. Is that an English expression too? Damn you, husband..

  7. Christina, I haven't had a chance to real your alcohol post yet, but I doubt I'd be offended :)

  8. Laoch, maybe you needed to be in my shady back yard with a vodka and lemonade.

  9. Vodka, rum, whatever...makes everything a bit more palatable. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  10. Lizbeth, that is so true. I could question whether or not it's sad that it's so true, but whatever.

    Hope you're having an okay summer too.

  11. good for you

    I dig the warm weather. It's been super hot in Georgia this year with thunderstorms 4 times a week, but I've liked it all.

    more poolside writing

  12. poolside writing with libations or without?

    Ooo...if there have been that many thunderstorms, there must be some dandy humidity.

  13. I'm getting caught up after vacation and so I am reading these in reverse order. So...I read you bra-sweating vent before this entry. Kinda blew the peace levels out of the water - therefore this entry had zero chance in the light of your bad breath and no makeup. Sorry.

  14. Oh Matt, that was hilarious. Juxtaposition, apparently, is everything.


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