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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog Award With Useless Facts!

I'm on FI-YAH

Barbara, one of my lovely new friends over at Español Para Niños (Spanish For Kids), thinks I'm neither whiny, nor redundant, but rather entertaining and fun, and has bestowed a bloggy award on me.  

I enjoy Barbara's blog, because I secretly SUPER LURV SPANISH.  No, I love it.  I know:  you be a hot dude and come over and say something in my ear in Spanish.  This will result in KAREN PUDDLE.  And don't be stupid and whisper "donde esta el baño" because I know what that means. I'm not a total idiot.  Before I went to Mexico twice and the Dominican, I actually spent weeks in front of the computer listening to my LEARN SPANISH cdrom, so that one day I was able to walk up in front of a bank teller and say:


I've told this story so many times in my life now, that I'm sure I've driven at least a few people away.  I was so excited though, and the bank teller---DID NOT GIVE A CRAP.  She was all business I think, so she could get the dipsy, shiny tourist out of her freaking face. 

I appreciate anyone who reads my shtuff, and I extend a warm welcome to everyone and anyone.  Please, join us in the comments section where we gab and gab and gab. So, muchas gracias, Barbara.  

Okay, I'm supposed to say 7 things about myself and then pass this on to a bunch of other blogs.  The problem is, blech.  I couldn't come up with a thing about myself.  What do you want to know?  So, I turned this over to THE MAN.  Yes, I was taking a risk, but what the hell.  It was a bit of a test, because if he couldn't come up with anything after all these years, I would be forced to send him off to DUMPVILLE.  Haw, haw, haw.

7 Things About Me, According To THE MAN

1. I am EXTREMELY SNOBBY about coffee. 

he even stressed "EXTREMELY SNOBBY."  Duh.  Doesn't everyone know this by now?  I wrote a couple of posts completely dedicated to coffee:


plus, I talk about it constantly.  I am not ashamed of my snobbery.

2. I could talk about pies every day. 

pppffft...what does he know?  I DON'T talk about pies every day...I don't think... 

Okay, it's true:  we are/were pie obsessed in my family.  We used to have a regular Sunday dinner convo about which pie was everyone's favourite, and I talked incessantly with my Mom (sniff!) and sister about what needed to be different and what was good about each pie we ever made. 


3. I refuse to look like "MOM." 

by this, he means I refuse to look like A MOM, not MY mom.  This means that I fight like hell to not let my hair go into the frumpy bushy triangle it WANTS to go in, or be seen in public too much with sensible length shorts, socks and running shoes.  What?  WHAT??

4. "We can coexist now thanks to Lorna Vanderhaeghe's MAGIC PILLS." 

Okay, it's no secret that I've suffered mercilessly at the hands of horrible PMS for years.  So, for two weeks of the month, LURV the husband, the other two LOATHE the husband.  And still, when he looks back on those dark days before I found THE SUPPLEMENT, it's all "waa waa" and "poor me".  

Sheesh.  Man-up. 

For all you other gals who suffer too, you can read my journey to becoming less homicical

5. I would love to wear the same thing every day but I fight it and settle for 4 days out of 7. 

Okay, it's true:  I hate wearing different clothes.  There are some clothes I love so much better than others, and wish I could just wear that shirt every freaking day of the week.  One shirt a week.  Pure happiness.  But then, there's that STALE CLOTHES issue.  So, I do not.  Plus, The Man is taking liberties here.  I do NOT wear the same shirt 4 out of 7.  I'd say 3 days, tops. 


6. I spend 45 minutes POURING OVER hair colour boxes, but ALWAYS come home with the same colour. 

Much rolling of my eyes, here.  Little does he know that while he THINKS the shade of my hair is the same every time, there are subtle differences.  Like, sometimes I'm "dark golden blonde" or "dark ash blonde."  

What does he know?

7. part of me wishes I could be a spinster living with my sister in the same house.

It's true. 

Okay, so there you have it--7 things The Man thinks he knows about me.  And now I'm supposed to pass this along...

mmkay...let's see

* I'll pass this along to Lizbeth over at Four Sea Stars.  Lizbeth is my home girl who is living a parallel life to mine.  It's almost eerie how when she blogs about different things she lives with her children, and especially with her son who has Aspergers, I feel like I've lived THE SAME FREAKING THING. 

* Sherilinnie at
Laughing My Abs Off .  Sherilin's re-rocking her Hair Bonanza posts, and they are so fun, so go on over and have a read. 

* Lance at
My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  Lance is a writing machine, and I like a lot of the music he likes, so that's cool.  Plus, he said EFF YOU to blogger, and hopped on over to Word Press, and that's oooooooo...

Peace out, homeboys and homegirls.


  1. Very cool - see, your wild typing times keeps on truckin' in the awards ya' badass!

  2. aw shucks, i got an award! thanks my coffee snobby friend who has the same hair color as me these days. though, i'm thinking that a nice dark brown might be coming my way soon. and possibly bangs. i'm a little bored, so watch out hair, i'm coming for you!

  3. congrats!now even more people know how awsome you are!as for the spanish need to look up 'eduardo veristugi'[sp?]now that is a goooood looking spanish man!have you read 'princess muffin top', that blog is almost as funny as yours, so take a peek see.

  4. Blog on Fire..that is one cool award to get! Well done..and as I'm new to ypour blog it's good to know something about you. Even if is just things that Te man THINks he knows about you!

    xx Jazzy

  5. blog on fire... when i read that the first time, i knew it was niggling at something in the back of my mind & i just remembered what it was. did you know there's a book that's actually published & selling in stores called "thong on fire"? here's the link, in case you want to snap up your own copy. look, you can get a used one for only $1.82!

  6. ha, thanks Christina. Oo! I've never thought of myself as a 'badass' before!

  7. Oh Sherilin, think about the bangs. You may regret them. Life without bangs is better. Take it from a girl whose forehead was always too big (my opinion) to go bangsless.

  8. thanks Paula, you're too kind. I will have to look up princess muffin talk, and this latin lover you've mentioned...HELLZ YEAH!

  9. Da-yam, Paula--he could whisper spanish in my ear any time!

  10. Thanks Jazzy :) Don't worry, in time you'll know more than you want to as I am a human broken record! Hooray!

  11. Thong on fire. What--does that make it just SLIGHTLY more uncomfortable than a regular thong???

  12. THanks dude. I usually avoid these meme things but w 30 days and you being so friggin awesome I am honored. I will respond in kind over the weekend.

    That's hilarious about the hair color. My teenager and my wife pick the same colors EVERY time.

    Also thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to not look sucks. Vanity = hell

  13. I usually avoid them too, Lance, and I never follow the rules entirely :) I was supposed to pass this on to 10 blogs. Ha! Take that, RULES!

    p.s. I'm desperately trying to not look 40 too. DESPERATELY

  14. Thanks! You're such a sweetie! I do have to warn you that 7 things about me maybe a little bit frightening....yes those douche-nozzles the Kung Fu Fighters are still in my house.

  15. You are a nutball and of course you deserve the award. Oh, and, I am not making the peach pie. I am waiting for the pie man to come home from outoftown work and make it for me!
    I have a blog I would like you to visit. I think she is very amusing and I think you will think so, and she is a new blogger;

    Have a great weekend eating pie

  16. DOUCHE NOZZLES! LIZBETH SAID DOUCHE NOZZLES! AH HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lizbeth, that's the name of your Sex Pistols cover band.

  17. thanks Alaina, I'll check her out!

    Oh yes! I forgot that your hub is the pie man. Well, what was I thinking then? You carry on enjoying those pies.

  18. but tell him "no shortening." Aunt karen is very anal about these things. Har har...I don't even know if he uses shortening.


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