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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jack's Art 3!

My son Jack, who turned 7 a few months ago, is a crazy artist.  He draws ALL THE TIME.  We go through tons and tons of paper.  I don't even want to talk about how many rejected drawings we have to recycle.  Seriously--the kid draws non-stop. 

Mostly he likes bands from the British Invasion, and classical music.  He draws orchestras quite frequently, and has been moving his way through various aspects therein.  He went through a lengthy violin phase, and currently he's "into" conductors.  When he's not drawing, he's conducting--with gusto-- using a large, wooden knitting needle his Nana turned into a conductor's baton for him. 

This is his favourite piece to conduct.  I've heard it approximately googleplex times:

Wilhelm Furtwangler Conducts Beethoven's 9th Symphony

A lot of his pictures are based on his imaginary band, "The Hho" (yeah, I know), which is comprised of Jack and some of his favourite stuffed toys.  Usually they are based on 1960's footage of his favourite British bands. 

You can see more of Jack's art here:

Jack's Art

Jack's Art 2!

Go on and have a look.  I insist!  Ha ha--that's what proud mothers do, right?

Here are some of the pics Jack has drawn over the summer.   I had to scan them in in secret because the little ARTISTE flips if I even touch his drawings.

Click on any picture for better detail.

The Wiggles (Jack STILL loves the Wiggles)

playing in the orchestra


Jack's band playing at the famous Cavern Club

conductor (unusual to see colour in his drawings)

conducting in a large hall


family portrait

Jack the conductor

Jack and Ella, playing "band"

Jack, again, conducting

closeup of the band as they make their way through the crowd

waiting for the curtain to rise

Leonard Bernstein, closeup hands

Leonard Bernstein

advertisement for The Hho's video "The Music In The Notes"

in the orchestra

"Great Conductors Of The Past 313 Richard Strauss"

scene from the 1965 Gerry And The Pacemakers movie "Ferry Cross The Mersey"

Jack's band

Jack's band, wearing sweaters, not suits

The Hho "Let's Go" album cover

"The Music In The Notes" VHS video


  1. your kids talent scares me...I wanna copy of the orchestra is kind of modern...Jack.

  2. i love the depth of the violin in the second pic. most kids don't draw depth, only top views of things.
    and i really like waiting to go out on stage from behind the curtain too.
    so cool!

  3. I LOVE the one of waiting for the curtains to rise. Not sure why that one struck me so much. I guess because it's not something kids would normally draw.

    I think he gets his talent from me. Uhhh. Yeah, that's it.

    Jack's Famous Auntie

  4. He does seem to have a British 60's "Mod" sensibility.

  5. Wow - he is seriously talented. The different perspectives - behind the curtains with the curve of the stage, the video from above, showing depth, the hands on the keyboard... just INCREDIBLE. I LOVE his band. He is amazing!

    Sarah xxx

  6. jack is the master of the new art craze 'swirlism'.awsome job buddy!

  7. so, if you were wondering how to pay for college -
    1. don't send him - he doesn't need it
    2. people pay a ton of $ for kid with talent
    3. you could contact Ellen - or!!!!

    start this kid a blog, and a twitter feed - "I know Jack - and I'm 7" tweet the images using TwitPick (use your "watermark" too - good idea - start tweeting @Ellen! look at this 7 year old's art! and other cool folks - start a Vlog - on YouTube - if you don't want his face on the internet, just shoot his hands drawing and his storytelling -
    4. I accept commissions : )

  8. this boy has a style all his own and there is something about it that is really great.

    not just some wanna be mother, that thinks his kid is the next best thing. he has established himself a pattern/style that sets him apart.

    my friends son was really good at art and took some classes, but his "not serious" portfolio got him into Emily Carr art school.

    I also was in awe of the one of waiting behind the curtain and the curve of the stage....

  9. Melissa, you hawk-eyed woman you: I didn't think that pesky swastika could be seen in any of these drawings???

  10. Sherilin, it freaks me out that he draws in 'perspective' too. I guess his brain really takes a snap shot of things.

  11. yeah, nerdo, I like that one too. Well, maybe he'll start drawing unicorns and princesses just like his auntie did, heh heh heh.

  12. Mod--that's exactly the word I couldn't remember, Laoch. You pinpointed it.

  13. thanks sarah, I think his band is really charming too.

  14. Christina--all excellent ideas! Oh...I'd better go vote for yu again...

  15. thanks Melissa! The Emily Carr art school eh? I'd better google sounds much better than regular school. MUCH.

  16. I suck at drawing and now I'm really jealous. Damn kid and his talent!
    Our power is back on after 24 hours. Yayyyyy! m.

  17. Mark: 24 hours without power, sadly, must have felt like an ETERNITY. Yeah, it is crazy how the kid can draw, but then he devotes HOURS AND HOURS to it.

  18. Love love love them:) truly amazing work...adn his printing! Comparing Jacks printing to Bens like night and day!!
    Back to the art...its a gift...a rare gift! Run with it! :)
    ..and mermaids...dont forgetBeams mermaid drawings! I still have a few of them:)

  19. yeah, his printing is not bad at all, Steph, and this is amazing because at 4 he still refused to even hold a pencil unless he was forced.

    Yeah! The mermaid drawings! Mermaids and princesses...ha! Memories...

  20. I like Jack's drawings. One request, although one of the drawings resembled it, could he do he and his band at the Hollywood Bowl. A view which shows the stage and stuff?

  21. what amazing talent. My youngest, Carly aka Goose, turns 7 in 2 weeks. She a terrific artist too. In 20 years I might let Jack go on a hand holding only, 9pm curfew, chaperoned date with her. After I clean my shotgun.

    seriously, he's got tremendous skill.

  22. George, he used to draw this one particular concert that showed the whole outdoor stage....and now I can't think of it! Oh's coming back to me...MUSICAL EXPRESS

    okay, here's what I found on the "new Musical express tour:

    "April 26, 1964 New Musical Express Poll-Winners' Concert (Wembley): The Beatles, The Merseybeats, The Searchers, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Brian Poole & the Tremeloes, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, The Dave Clark Five, the Swinging Blue Jeans, Kathy Kirby, Freddie & the Dreamers, the Hollies."

  23. after he cleans his shotgun. Oh Lance, that's what all the daddies say.

    Yeah, I love his stuff too, and love that your daughter is an artist as well.

  24. Okay, I absolutely LOVE the second one - he's quite talented!

  25. thanks Megan, that's very kind of you to say! And, thank you for stopping in!


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